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Creativity- Elaboration

No description

Ian MacInerney

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Creativity- Elaboration

Math: Explain steps on a poster or Glogster. Decorate 3D shapes to show their dimensions, angles, structure and characteristics.

Science: Make a detailed diagram of something you're studying.

Social studies. Make slide shows about colonial quotes or Civil War slogans or a poster of US government ranks.

Language arts/reading. Write a very detailed story explaining the character, setting, plot, etc.

Music/art. Complete a drawing or musical phrase. Make your artwork original, like a dot. Elaborate By:Ian ,Cameron ,and
Timothy! Elaboration Elaboration means adding detail, filling in
blanks,and finishing a creative idea. Ways to be elaborate in school Elaborate Elaborate Elaborate Elaborate Don't wait,
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