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5 Causes of the French Revolution

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Kasha Stewart

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of 5 Causes of the French Revolution

The French Revolution
The Stages and Conditions
Estate System & National Assembly and Tennis Court Oath
Estate System
Effects of the French Revolution
Created Democracy
Created Nationalism- Which led to Geopolitical Problems
The French had a revolution Because of the high cost of living and they saw that other countries successfully over throw their government and they started to
believe they could do it also. and they succeed
Five Causes of the French Revolution
Absolute Monarchy
Estate System- Social Inequality
Economic injustice- Taxes
Enlightenment Ideas
Other Revolutions such as the American Revolution
Stage 1:Tennis Court Oath- Storming of the Bastille
Stage 2: The Great fear- The rest of Europe feared revolt also
Stage 3: The Reign of Terror- Millions of heads were being cut off by the Guillotine
Stage 4: Moderation- 1799 Napoleon over throw the government
Absolute Monarchy
Louis XIV told people what to do and the people started to hear and believe the thoughts of others and those thoughts we now call Enlightenment Ideas and the people wanted to get rid of King Louis
Estate System
The Estate System caused social inequality by taxing the poor workers and not taxing the nobles or the Clergy
Economic Injustice
This goes along with the Estate System The King and upper class men taxed the Proletariat and the Bourgeoisie. leaving the nobles and the Clergy not paying any taxes.
Enlightenment Ideas
These ideas caused the people to question the churches ideas and separate from the church. The idea that man could think for himself gave men the mental power to question traditional ideas.
Other Revolutions
The American Revolution and the Glorious Revolution were big influences on the French people. It gave the people the idea to come up with a different idea for government. A more just government.
Economy in decline (1780s)
Burden of high taxes make business an impossibility
Cost of living rises
Crop failures due to weather results in high bread prices
Estate System
Absolute Monarchy
King Louis XVI
Queen Maria Antoinette
Economic Injustice
Enlightenment Ideas
American Revolution
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Storming of the Bastille
The Great Fear
Reign of Terror
Bad Harvests
High Bread Prices
Economy Decline
1st Estate- Clergy Less than 1% of the population
2nd Estate- land owning Nobles Less than 2% of the population
3rd Estate- Everyone else about 97% of the population
National Assembly and Tennis Court Oath
Leaders met in defiance at an indoor tennis court at Versailles
They were told to leave but said "No!"
Soon After all the Estates got together and the 3rd Estate won and declared France a Constitutional Monarchy
Estate System
National Assembly
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