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Narrabeen Man

No description

Izzy D

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Narrabeen Man

What Was His Life Like?
Narrabeen Man
Narrabeen Man was a 30 - 40 year old Aborigine and was a coastal dweller, which meant his diet consisted mainly of fish and other sea critters.
What Was Her Life Like?
Lady Dai
Lady Dai was a rich housewife to the PM of Changsha
What Was His Life Like?
Narrabeen Man
Narrabeen Man was a 30 - 40 year old Aborigine, and a coastal dweller. This means his diet would have mainly consisted of fish and other sea critters. He lived in 4000 BCE.
What Was Her Life Like?
Lady Dai
Lady Dai was the rich wife of Li Cang, PM of Changsha. She lived in the Han dynasty 2100 years ago. She had tuberculosis, gall stones, intestinal parasites, a fracture in her right arm, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, liver disease, her arteries were almost clogged, she was diabetic, and overweight.
Where Was He Found?
Narrabeen Man
Narrabeen Man was found under the bustop on the corner of Octavia and Ocean St, in Narrabeen, NSW.
He was found underground when workers were digging for wires.
Where Was She Found?
Lady Dai
Lady Dai was found in her tomb, in her family vault near Changsha, China.
She was found in 1972 by labourers digging a tunnel.
How Was He Preserved?
Narrabeen man
Narrabeen Man was not preserved as he was most likely the victim of a grueling murder. All that was left of him were a few archaeological remains in his vertebral column and where his stomach would have been.
How Was She Preserved?
Lady Dai
Lady Dai was preserved very well. She was wrapped with 20 silk robes, bound with 9 silk ribbons, and then wrapped in 2 quilts, one red, one yellow, before being placed inside a coffin inside a coffin inside a coffin (3 coffins), then placed in a cylindrical compartment in her family vault. She was preserved so well that her hair, fingernails and organs were in perfect condition. She had blood pooled in her veins and even had a few archaeological remains in her stomach, intestines and esophagus.
Archaeological Remains
Narrabeen Man

Narrabeen Man had bone points from several Aboriginal death spears lodged in his vertebral column and a mark on the back of his skull where another spear had ricocheted off. There was another interesting mark next to it which suggested his body had been burnt after death. Fish bones from his last meal were found in his stomach.
Archaeological Remains
Lady Dai
138 Musk Melon seeds were found in Lady Dai's esophagus, stomach and intestines. This indicates that she had eaten a musk melon shortly before dying of a heart attack.
Thanks for listening!!
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