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Sister's Of Mercy

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 20 June 2016

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Transcript of Sister's Of Mercy

Sister's Of Mercy
Founders of All Hallows'
Catherine McAuley was the founder of the sister's of Mercy. The 12th of December 1831 Catherine McAuley founded the sister of Mercy so they could educate poor girls. A group of 12 women worked at Baggot street and dressed poorly. This led Catherine McAuley to start the sister's of Mercy.
Who founded this order and why?

The sister's of Mercy originated from Ireland. Catherine McAuley lived in Dublin Ireland and founded the sister's of Mercy in Dublin but some sister's came from England.
Where did this order originate from?
Catherine McAuley and the sisters of Mercy built the House of Mercy which is still there at All Hallows'. Now it is where girls go to say their prayers.
What influence did this order have on catholic schools?
Catherine McAuely's Religious mission was to meet the needs that nobody else was addressing. She realised that her sisters had to work in partnership with others to achieve the best results. She believed in doing everything well and doing the best for her service.

What is their religious mission?

Catherine McAuley chose certain gospel values that were important to her help make decision and live life. She also asked her sisters of Mercy to use these values to help them make a decision.
How does this order live the gospel values?
Sisters' of Mercy
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