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Ayush Ranjan

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Anonymous

Anonymous Links to Canada Anonymous is a hacking group. They are also a social activst group. Anonymous has hacked several government officials. They are severely against SOPA . Anonymos hacked a SOPA officiall's computer to shut down SOPA's website and they're Headquarter computer's after SOPA took action against MegaUpload and Wikipedia in 2008. Anonymous also shutdown FBI's main web page to raise awareness and send a message to Internet Censorship Organizations that they also have power. What is Anonymous Anonymous in Canada Anonymous launched a Campaign in Canada called CanAnon which started with their video "A message for Canadian citizens". Anonymous raised awareness for many Canadian issues including Amanda Todd and the Idle No More. We will now show the CanAnon video. The CanAnon The CanAnon was formed by Anonymous to bring the measures taken by the Harper government to light as mentioned in the video. Also part of their Campaign they added a website called www.youfoundourcard.com where they send you a card that sets you up through an IRC channel so that supporters can connect with other supporter's and stay update to Anonymous video's and activities. Please remember before trying the website that it is just they're opinion. Also beware of IRC hackers that pose as Anonymous. Conflicting Views According to Anonymous they are raising awareness for the public. But the many government officials feel like they are being harassed or feel that Anonymous is making them look evil. A member of the Canadian Parliament name not disclosed for his safety wants Anonymous arrested for charges of contempt. 6 anonymous supporters were arrested in Quebec in a protest but were released after questioning. Although Anonymous is raising awareness for the public the question is that if humiliating Goverment officials by hacking them is the right method. Some of us may like or not like Anonymous but we can agree that they are truly Anonymous. Conclusion
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