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Pictures of Hollis Woods Q2 book report

No description

Mailee Phanthouvong

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Pictures of Hollis Woods Q2 book report

Title pt.2
Characterization pt.2
Josie- She is a nice lady she is a friend to Hollis Woods throughout the story. She is a retired art teacher and helps Hollis paint.
Steven: He is 14 him and Hollis are kinda friends but often makes fun of Hollis ( Maybe because he's jealous of Hollis)
Old Man- He is Steven's father he builds things. But he doesn't get along with him but he likes Hollis a lot.
Mrs. Regan- Shes is Steven's mother, shes always really happy and nice. Mrs. Regan likes Hollis a lot too.
The setting would probably be the Reagan's house and Josie's house
1.) Hollis can't find a permanent family or home she's always moved from place to place.

2.) Hollis runs away from the houses shes sent to a lot.
Rising Action
Is when her social worker ( The mustard women) takes her to meet Josie and they become good friends.
Major characters: Protagonist: Which is Hollis woods she is 12 yrs old, she also is a foster child but she likes to paint. She struggles throughout the story ( Shes' the narrator)
Antagonist: Which would probably be the mustard women ( her social worker) she is called the mustard women because she always has mustard stains on her shirt, also she is mean to Hollis a lot and takes her to the foster homes.
Pictures of Hollis Woods q2 book report by: Mailee Phanthouvong
Author: patricia reilly Giff
Genre: Children's Literature Pages: 166

The climax is Hollis runs away to the Reagan's house but shes also tags along Josie with her.
The Theme is even though like life is hard its going to get better soon, or just trying to find her place in life.
Its developed by Hollis meeting more people she likes to call family.

This book was kinda boring but it got better towards the end so i recommend this book :)
The book is told
through her pic-
tures she draws.
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