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The Business Case for #DigitalHousing

Baker Tilly 27th July 2015

Nick Atkin

on 22 July 2015

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Transcript of The Business Case for #DigitalHousing

The Business Case
for #DigitalHousing

2 in 3
Biggest rise amongst
55 year olds
who use a Smartphone look at it
more than
1 in 6 Adults
50 times a day
1/3 of people
look at their smart phone
within 5 minutes
of waking up....
67% have access themselves, 20% have access elsewhere
38% acess on both smartphone and at home
56% have access at home / 49% have access on smartphone
59% comfortable using the internet, of those who weren't comfortable,
76% didn't have anyone to help them.
Of those with no access at all...
...18% said it is too expensive
...59% said they couldn't use it
...22% said they can use it but choose not to

have access themselves,

have access elsewhere
65% of customers are comfortable using the internet

Of the 35% who aren't comfortable, only 1 in 5 have anyone to help them

Thanks for listening!

Nick Atkin
Twitter: @nickatkin_hht
Skype: nickatkin_hht
Blog: www.haltonhousing.org/nicks-blog/
Direct dial: 0151 510 5101
Mob: 07903 594 827
Email: nick.atkin@haltonhousing.org
During 2014 mobile Internet overtook desktop internet usage
There are now more smartphones in the UK than there are people!
9% of UK households no longer have a landline
The Way the World
Communicates Has Changed
The Rise of the Bogger
Universal Credit
Managing a home
24 / 7 / 365
Digital First isn't
just tablets
What's Ahead?
What Happens If You
Don't Embrace Digital
73% have access themselves,

16% have access elsewhere
Who Am I?
March 2014
40,000 accounts
180,000 impressions
Nick Atkin @nickatkin_hht
23 million
4.3 million
1 in 5 of all homes
1,600 social rented landlords
>1000 homes
Of the 11% with no access at all...
... 17% said it was too expensive
... 57% said they can't use it
... 26% can use it but choose not to

76% of customers access the internet daily
17% access the internet weekly
72 devices
27 follow up visits
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