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Copy of Networks and Networking

No description

pierre allary

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Networks and Networking

People Global scope KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT GLOBAL SCOPE Recruitment key factors :
- enterprise
- ambition
- leadership
- Analytic Life in McKinsey :
- Great office mobility
- Positive and competitive environment (being with the best)
- Mixed backgrounds and skills
- International teams on large scope projects Knowledge Management Center of
and Expertise Generalist
Research Industry
Practices Sustainable
Innovation Knowledge
services Functional
Practices McKinsey: their strengths and alumni network Pierre Allary
Carina Baumgaertner
Florian Bonnet
Lucas Boventer
Julian Tietze Conclusions MANAGING THE BEST Alumni Network How McKinsey Alumni make use of the huge network Alumni Management Information Ressource - like Google, but with the most-knowledgable leaders worldwide Job website - like Monster, but including the CEO's telephone number Personal network - like Facebook, but in a private environment Professional Network - like LinkedIn, but in an exclusive environment McKinsey has a comprehensive toolbox which enables continuous communication with Alumni People we want to talk about Keys of success "McKinsey is a state-of-the-art global network. Whenever I have contact, I learn something new that I can use in my day-to-day work". "The problem solving, collaborative, and teamwork skills I developed at McKinsey have been the bedrock of my success." Client Impact Committee Engagement Team Client Service Team Coordinator helps access the relevant information Build a common database Develop T-shaped into I-shaped consultants Ian Narev, CEO Commonwealth Bank of Australia Short Story of McKinsey Evolution of McKinsey (1926 - 2050)

Starting as a one man service McKinsey became the world's leading consultancy. Rajat Gupta, former CEO of McKinsey, now in prison Sheryl Sandberg,
CCO of Facebook Carina Baumgaertner Pierre Allary Lucas Boventer Florian Bonnet Julian Tietze With these strengths, McKinsey is well set for the future to continue it's success. What do you think comes next? Today:
200 Alumnis are CEO of $1bn revenue companies
Further 7.000 are in leading positions
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