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Georgia Government

No description

Alex M.

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Georgia Government

By: Alex Manzer Georgia's Government Summary Legislative Branch Georgia's
Government Executive Branch Legislative Branch Judicial Branch Judicial Branch Executive Interprets the Laws Makes The Laws Enforces the Laws Georgia Assembly House of Representatives Senate Term Term Qualifications Qualifications 2 years 180 Members 56 Members citizens of the United States
at least 25 years old
citizen of the state of Georgia for at least two years
legal resident of the district the senator was elected from for at least one year citizens of the United States
at least 21 years old
Georgia citizen for at least two years
legal resident of district he representative was elected from for at least one year 2 years Legislative Sessions 40 Days
January - march
Takes so long because the Georgia Assembly takes breaks frequently (Works 5 days takes 5 days off. Committees The General Assembly breaks into groups (Divide and Conquer)
A group is specialized for a category
They Study the Bill and Present it Types Of Legislation Can Amend Laws
Can Add Laws
Can't Make Treaties
Can't Limit Competition How A Bill Becomes A Law 1. Proposal
2. Copies Given To Legislation
3. Assigned to Committee
4. Committee Considers
5. Bill Is Debated
6. Sent to Other House
7. Repeat step 4 and 5 for other house
8. If Passed go to Governor
9. Governor Signs Bill
10. If vetoed goes to other house. Funding Of Georgia's Government
(in order of money spent) Budget Revenues

Income Tax
Sales Tax Spending

Human Services
Government Debt
Economy Department Key Words Separation of Power - A system where a government is split into multiple branches so one doesn't get to powerful
Checks and Balances - A system that keeps branches from becoming too powerful
Federalism - A system where the National and State Governments divide powers and responsibilities over the same people and area.
Sovereignty - Idea of supreme power or source of authority
Civil Cases - A case to settle a dispute between people
Ciminal cases - A case where someone comits a crome
Felony Serious Crime
Misdemeanor - Minor Crime
Bill - Proposal to add a law
Veto - To send the bill back to legislation. Juvenile Court System For ages 1-17
Your court files get closed when you turn 18
The 7 deadly sins (Violent Crimes) are the only exception.
They have the same rights in a trial as an adult.
There is no Jury, only a Judge
A unruly behavior is OK for adults, but delinquent isn't Steps in the Court Process
-Officer gets a reasonable suspicion
-Officer decides if it is a serious or minor crime
-Officer Asks for name and date of Birth
-The prosecutor proves their case
-Offender Gets sent to an RYDC (Regional Youth Detention Center Sentencing
Officer Investigates Charges
Parents Notified
Detention Hearing
Disposition Hearing Superior Court And Court Of Appeals Probate Court Municipal Court Magistrate Court Responsibilities as a Juvenile
Obey all state laws
Respect peers
Refrain from bullying
Follow rules
Clean and Maintain Living Area
Stay clean
Do not take away others rights
Obey all orders
Have Self Discipline
No Weapons
No Drugs
Be Honest Georgia's Constitution First adopted in 1777, but has changed 10 times since
Gives voters the right to control state government by electing state officials
Allows Citizens to suggest laws that might improve the ways the state is governed
Citizens are given rights by the national constitution like free speech, right to own a gun, and the right of a speedy trial.
You must be a citizen of Georgia and 18 or older to vote.
Political parties are not in the constitution, but they give the average citizen a bigger voice in numbers. Governor Qualifications:
Be a citizen of the united states for at least 15 years
a resident of the state for 6 years immediately preceding the election
30+ years old The People Elect The President

The term is 4 years, just like the president, but can only server for 2 consecutive terms.

When unexpectedly taken out of office, the lieutenant governor becomes governor. Formal Duties:
Oversees operation of the executive branch
Chief of law enforcement
Military leader of state
Leader of Georgia State Patrol
Can Hold Special Sessions with the Georgia Assembly
Manage the state budget
Fill Vacancies Informal Duties of Governor
Channel of communication with other states.
Leads Trade
Head of political party in state
Had of political society
Can honor individuals. Georgia's other elected officials Lieutenant Governor Head of Senate
Given duties by governor
A lieutenant Governor is elected the same way a Governor is with the same qualifications
When taken out of office unexpectedly, the speaker of the house replaces him
Can serve unlimited 4 year terms Secretary of State
Attorney General
State Superintendent
Commissioner of Office
Commissioner of Insurance
Commissioner of Agriculture
Commissioner of Labor Georgia's Governor = Nathan Deal
Georgia's Lieutenant Governor = Casey Cagle
State School Superintendent = Dr. Barge Jimmy Carter Accomplishments:
Governor of Georgia
President of the United States
Grassroots campaign (Going around and talking to normal people to vote for him)
Got the hostages in the middle east home
Founded Habitat for Humanity and the Carter Center. Adult Court System The Adult court system consists of many different courts
Probate court is for changing your name or other things like that.
Civil court is for settling disputes
Court of Appeals is for having a re-trial because of new evidence.
The Supreme court is only if the superior court passes the case up.
Criminal Court is for crimes.
There can be many different jurisdictions depending on the case. Other Elected Officials Governor Lieutenant Governor Departments Departments and committees help the executive branch enforce laws and administer programs Local Governments Counties are supposed to manage the county and cities are manage ONLY to the city limits. Weak Council Mayor - Mayor has little to no power
Strong Council Mayor- Mayor has a lot of power
Council-Manager - The mayor is a part of the council like everbody else. Governments set up special organizations like MARTA to do a specific task. Their Departments
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