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Effective Communication & Public Speaking

No description

Keng Daniel

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Effective Communication & Public Speaking

What do people fear most?
Where do we start?
Effective Communication & Public Speaking
So how do we do all that?
Your content.
Your BODY language.
Your tone/clarity.
Prepare your speech!
The first practice is always the worst.
Use an essay plan, or type out the entire script
KNOW your content!
Your body language
You are judged within 7 seconds of your first appearance.
Effective Body Language
Head looking forward
Maintenance of eye contact
Arms by the side of the body
Feet shoulder-width apart
Minimal feet movement
Relaxed posture
Fists unclenched
Don't be a
Be a
And lastly...yourself
Cheat codes:
- Speak from the heart
- Calmness = confidence
- Know your audience
- Smile.
- Don't distract from your overall message
- Moderation is the key to success
Don't be a
Effective Public Speaking - start small, start early. Even the smallest ice cube can over time become a huge iceberg ;)
Your language.
Your Language
- Basic grammatical rules must be followed
- Fluency matters.
- I-language vs. we-language
- Don't improvise.
It's obvious.
Especially if you think it's not.
-ve impact on career
75% of the world suffers from some form of speech anxiety
A world community can exist only with world communication. It means common understanding, a common tradition, common ideas, and common ideals.
– Robert M. Hutchins
What is Communication?
Communication includes
Perception (POV)
PAC-SS Model
Channels of Communication
ASS-IGNMENT ('cuz if u don't prepare enough, guess what you'll look like?)
Craft a 3 minute short speech (choose from the following topics)
- I should be hired to be...
- My Biggest Flaw
- My Role Model
- My Greatest Accomplishment
- An Issue I Care About
An example in perception...
Sometimes, what you think you mean,
may not be what OTHERS think you mean.
Don't be afraid to use cue cards.
Just don't use huge ones.
Therefore, make every second count.
You rarely get to make a second first impression.
- Be the type of speaker you admire.
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