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No description

Angela Beardsley

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of TEAM WORK

Clear about what will be achieved

Measurable ensures team
members can communicate
and assess their progress
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Allocate Responsibilities
Assess team members Competencies
Leadership skills
Technical Skills
Administrative skills
Relational Skills

Team Goals
Clarifying Expectations
Defines Individual roles, responsibilities and tasks each member is expected to perform.

Helps understand procedures or standards

Ensures team members who share tasks are clear on their parts

General Expectations: Ideas about communication, compensation, relationships and corporate culture.

Task Expectations: Ideas about what has to be achieved, who has to achieve it and what steps need to taken to reach completion.

Team Goals
Linked to an overall corporate goal:
WIG Process
Simplify the Process

Two Basic Categories
Aligning Team Roles and Competencies
Assign based on Competencies
Tech Experts
Representatives from functional areas

Allocate Responsibilities
Allocate Responsibilities
Assign Responsibilities
Use a Decision Matrix

Clarifying Expectations
There are 3 Steps:

1. Find out what you are responsible for.
2. Determine how your responsibilities support
other team members.
3. Verify that team responsibilities are
aligned with the goal.
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