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Hülya Şahin

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Organ_Donation_Awareness_MM13

IFMSA Transnational Project Organ transplantation is

The ONLY treatment for end state organ failures, as heart and liver
The BEST treatment for end stage kidney failure

In US,
About 18 people a day die before that organ ever becomes available
Every 10 minutes another name is added to the national organ transplant waiting list Did you know that.... What does IFMSA do with
ODA Project? Campaigns for medical students
Campaigns for public people

Including Seminars, Congresses, Field work,
Movie nights, Promotional materials,
Interviews with organ donors/receivers
all with the cooperation of national GO and NGOs Brazil (IFMSA Brazil)
Bulgaria (AMSB)
Catalonia (AECS)
Chile (IFMSA Chile)
Egypt (EMSA)
Greece (HelMSIC)
Iran (IFMSA Iran)
Libya (LMSA)
Malta (MMSA)
Nepal (NMSS)
Poland (IFMSA Poland)
Romania (FASMR)
Turkey (TurkMSIC) THANKS TO... MIDTERM OUTCOMES 13 countries
3 regions

Over 5000 public people
Over 1000 medical students

And many other people on social media CONTACT AT: hulyasahinn@yahoo.com.tr JOIN ODA PROJECT NOW
WAITING LISTS Future Plans A survey: Attitudes of Medical Students from Different Countries about Organ Donation

A promo video

More people, more donation!
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