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Short Story Project

No description

Jessica Nguyen

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Short Story Project

The Last Dog BY: Katherine Paterson Plot Diagram Thoughts , Quotes, and Extras Quotes Sequel to the Story Thoughts Resolution Climax Falling Action Exposition Setting Theme Summary The story takes place in and out of a dome on Earth in the future. During this time, scientist believe that the outside conditions on Earth are no longer safe for life. The main type conflict in "The Last Dog" is Man vs. Man. It is Man vs. Man because Brock has to protect Brog from the scientist that are trying to experiment and clone her. The theme of "The Last Dog" is to sacrifice yourself for the things you love Brock, a young boy living on Earth in the future, embarks on a scientific research journey outside of his dome. Back in the dome scientist, perform several tests and experiments on Brock and Brog. They determine that Brog is the last dog on Earth. The scientist plan to clone Brog to keep generation of dogs going. Brock over hears their plan and refuses to let that happen. To save Brog from being clone, Brock pretends to have a disease only transmitted by animals, rabies. Brock now has to convince the scientist that he is very ill. He decides to provoke Brog so much that she will bite him and "transmit" the disease. It works.To the scientist this shows that Brog is very dangerous and not safe to be around. They release both Brock and Brog into the outside world, wanting nothing to do either of them. Over joyed to be free, Brock and Brog leave the dome in an instant. They return to the spot where they first met, Brock discovers the outside world is not as dangerous as scientist had claimed. Brock and Brog decide to run away together, in hope of finding other humans and dogs. "If there had been any way to smuggle the dog in, Brock would have."- page 55 Brog and I wandered into the mountains after we were released from the dome. I have learned that the conditions outside are no different from inside the dome, but the scientist don't know that. They don't dare venture outside their beloved home to search for us . It has turned out that Brog is not the last dog on Earth, a few miles into the mountains lies a huge colony of dogs , and even a few humans! The dogs are of all shapes, sizes, colors, and breeds. And the humans, they turn out to be former dome-dwellers that left because they were sick and tired of being enclosed in. I have made several new friends, or that is what i think they are called. Both Brog and I are very happy, I think we have found a permanent place to live. The only bad part is that the nights are fairly cold, but i have the dogs to keep me warm, and Brog to keep me safe. Away from the scientist and people trying to hurt him, Brog is finally safe too. This story will make you appreciate friends and all they do for you The Last Dog is about a young boy named Brock who goes outside of his dome into an unusual place that he has never seen before. As Brock explores the many wonders of the new place, he hears a strange noise in the distance.He discovers that it is a dog sitting next to its dead mother. Brock decides to take the dog back inside the dome, and names her Brog.Scientists take Brock and Brog into a laboratory to be examined. Brock learns that Brog is actually the last dog on Earth, and that the scientists plan to clone Brog to keep future generations of dogs going. When Brock overhears this conversation, he decides to take Brog with him into the outside world, and runs away forever. Characters There are two main characters in the story "The Last Dog" Brock: A young boy who takes Brog back to the dome Characteristic: Brave, selfless, caring Brog: The last dog on Earth who lost her mother and is rescued by Brock Characteristics: Loving, friendly Brog Rising Action As Brock explores the uncharted territory he hears a faint strange noise in the distance.He goes and investigates, and is stunned at what he finds. A young dog standing next to its dead mother. Brock decides to take the dog back to the dome and names her Brog. Conflict Genre The genre of "The Last Dog" is science fiction. It is science fiction because it combines real scientific information with Katherine Paterson's (author) imagination, "He hugged her. There was no other way to explain it. He simply put his arms around her and held her to his chest while she beat at him with her tail and licked his face raw."- page 55 "No matter what lay in the outside, he could not stand to go back to the life he had lived in the dome before he met Brog." -page 59 " But he was more worried for Brog than for himself."-page 58 "Ten dogs who look just like Brog so no one would know how special, how truly unique Brog was."- page 58 This story will make you question death and its causes This story will make you wonder if the main characters live happily ever after This story will pull on your heart strings and even make you shed a few tears This story will urge you to do the right thing This story will show you the REAL meaning of friendship and the importance of family The ending of the story will make you want to read more This story will make you question the future
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