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Lesson Plan August 8th

No description

Mary Ashley Federer

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Lesson Plan August 8th

Types of Conflict
The problem in a story. Conflict is the source of tension and interest in a piece of text.
What is Conflict?
How Do You Identify Conflict?
Good readers identify conflicts in a story by looking problems in a story and then identify which type of conflict these problems represent
Why is Identifying Conflict Important?
Identifying conflict allows readers to better understand a story and how it will be resolved. Also, if readers can identify conflicts in a text they can identify conflicts in their own lives and resolve them.
Man v. Man
What are the Different Types of Conflict?
Man v. Nature
Man v. Society
Man v. Self
When two characters have different interests or are fighting. This doesn't mean they have to be fighting physically.
Man v Man
Man v Nature
Man v Society
Man v Self
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