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Breaks throughout the day

No description

Christian Clark

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Breaks throughout the day

Breaks throughout the day
by Christian Clark
Studies have shown that
people who take short breaks throughout the day to do light, outdoor exercise are more productive than those who do not. Use specific details and examples
to convince your principal whether students should have similar breaks during the school day.
Body Paragraph #1
Body Paragraph #2
Can help to make sure everyone gets exercise in everyday

Can help against Childhood Obesity

Can help people who don't get much exercise in each day

Help towards getting in the recommended amount of 60 minutes of play a day

Can burn calories and excess energy during the day
Body Paragraph #3
Social time to build friendships

Keep everyone involved by playing large games like tag or basketball games.

No one will be left out and everyone can participate.

There will be no excuse to talk unnecessarily with friends and classmates during class and students shouldn't interrupt the lesson.
Introduction Technique
Attention Grabbing Statement
Did you know that only about 30% of teenagers our age get the recommended amount of 60 minutes of exercise each day? Not getting enough exercise can lead to being overweight. Staying inside all day and then going home to do an hour of homework gives teenagers a small window of getting outside. Even though you can't make people go outside, giving students an opportunity to go outdoors and exercise is a great thing. Allowing students a resting period can help them to relieve stress during the day, give them a chance to go outside, and also an opportunity for students to build relationships and make new friends.
Advanced Vocabulary




Can help to relax your minds away from school.

Students can go outside so they won't be at a desk all day.

Kids can talk and get out their excitement so they won't interrupt the teacher and be hyperactive during class.

Students will have a better attention span and be more willing to pay attention which might lead to better grades and more participation in class.
The End.
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