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No description

Shanice Goh

on 18 January 2015

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Transcript of FInal PAN 360 SALES TRAINING

Google Business View
Pan 360

What is Pan 360 ?
- A Premium Quality Virtual Walk Through Tour Feature powered by Street View technology.
-Best images, best quality. Our photographers use Google approved state-of-the-art equipment.
- Entice your potential customers by display better sense of the layout, decor and beauty of your business interior.

Scenario 1:
Common Objection
- Too Expensive
- Too Much Exposure
- Competitors Could Copy Similar Interior
-Have to pay to reshoot after renovations
- Environment not on par with competitors
Scenario 2: Too Much Exposures
* What is Pan360?
* How does Pan360 works & who is their target market?
* What are the features in Pan360?
* Where does Pan360 appear?
* How Pan360 helps in a business?
*Common objection handling

Scenario 3: Competitors will be able to Copy Interior
Target Market:
Let Customer See Inside !
Features & BENEFITS
Embedded in Five Different Platforms:
1) Google Map
2) Google + Local Page
3) Panpages Listing
4) Instant Website
5) Facebook Fan Page App
Google MAP
- Get Your exact address verified in Google Map to help eliminate confusions of locations for customers by just typing company name.
- Pan 360 Feature embedded with 10 HD quality still photos
- Reduce hassle and time to type in address to get to the location
+ Local Page & GOogle Search Results
Enhance exposure on Google Search Results with business information such as business Hours, Address, Tel No, Reviews & more.

Panpages Listing
Embedded in Panpages Listing Page to allow customers to see from various platforms

Embedded in Instant Website
- Panpages is the only company which can be embedded in instant website in Malaysia with various templates

Facebook Fan Page App
Allow Target Audience to view Pan 360 on Facebook Profile Tab App
- Restaurants
Eligible business types:
- Gyms
- Departmental Stores
- Auto Repair Shops
- Corporate Offices
- Government Offices
- Leasing Offices
- And more

Salons & Spa
Find a restaurant for special occasions
Suggestions From Friends
Try Peach
Try Caffe B
Suggestion A- Peach Garden
Scenario Search for the restaurant in Google
Results appeared in Google Search Results

Suggestion B- Caffe B
Scenario 4:
Have to Pay to Redo photo shoot
after Renovation
Environment not on par with competitors
Will directly turn to bad impressions
View in Google Map with Google Business View
Therefore, which restaurant would you choose?
Peach or Caffe B ?
84% of 1,300 surveyed customers said Google Business View played a
factor in their restaurant choice
Results Proven:
Source: Google Business Photos Helps Diners Decide Where To Eat

NYC Restaurant Week:

To help these 294 restaurants attract more customers.

NYC & Company embedded Google Maps, Google Street View, and Google Business Photos on its website

Source: Google Business Photos Helps Diners Decide Where To Eat

Case Study: Pan 360 Helped Diners to decide where to eat
Testimonials Across The World
Visitors who viewed Business Photos for a
given business clicked through to make a reservation 50% of the time

Source: Google Business Photos helps diners decide where to eat during NYC Restaurant Week™

Interior Panoramas

*Must pass the quiz in 3 attempts, or drop out.

Certification Process

Photographic equipment:  
Sigma 8mm f/3.5 EX DG Fisheye Lens
A panoramic head
A wide-angle lens
A tripod with ball head
Silva Starter 1-2-3 Compass
Remote switch

Qualified DSLR Camera:

*Agency is not permitted to use any substitutes or other parts not
listed because it may impact the quality standards that Google is enforcing.

Business Photos
Equipment Kit

* Trained to meet our quality guidelines 

* Certified to take pictures using fisheye lenses and rotating camera turrets

* Trained to take high quality of photos

Why need us?

*Google will not accept the photos
*Agency will be required to refund payments
to the business
*Run the risk of being eliminated from the Business
Photos program

Do not market lists

X Jail

X Detention Centers

X Police/Military Facilities

X Addiction Treatment Centers

Do not market lists

X Rehabilitation Centers

X Trauma Centers

X Abortion Clinics

X Mental Health Clinics

X Homes

X Apartments

*If the photo shoot fails, Agency's photographer must rectify the photo shoot, including re-shooting the business (if necessary).

Passing Mark : 95%

Inform Business

Publish Photos & Pano Walk-through

5) Upload, Tagging, Moderation & QC

4) Perform Photo Shoot

3) Convert Sales & Sign Business-Agency Contract

2) Call/ Meet Business

1) Register & Claim Leads

Daily workflow of the agency

GOOGLE BUSINESS VIEW Recognitions & Award :

Marketing / PR Award 2014

Solutions: It is a Lifetime feature, you
only need to pay once and the feature
will be there for lifetime, for a lifetime
feature, you only need to pay RM2XXX.
Plus you get so many benefits. FOR RM2XXX, you divide into 10
Years, How Much cheap It Be?
Handling Objections:
The Point of doing Pan 360 is for to allow customer to see an overview of the environment. Pan 360 will not shoot every corner of the place. Therefore, it is to enhance your brand name and impression before even going to the place!

You will be able to allow Bloggers/ customers to show their friends and share when they have word of mouth recommendations. It will be easier to demonstrate or describe the environment with this feature instead of picturing through words

Handling Objections:

Competitors can also copy their interior by visiting and snapping photos on the spot and does not rely on the photos itself.
We will always suggest customers to only start
shooting when they are ready.

If renovation is minor, there is no need to pay extra to
reshoot as the main purpose is to show the overview
environment and not every details of the place.

Handling Objections:
The Point of doing Pan 360 is for the convenience for
customers to find you using GPS. Pan 360 is a bonus to
enhance your brand name. The Purpose doing is to
reduce the mistakes of going to the wrong location.
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