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Culminating Task #2

No description

Lisa Krzeszowiec

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Culminating Task #2

The key characters: Mark Anderson, Ben, Fog Benson, Miss Taylor and Jamie were introduced. Introduction: Mark has a pet grizzly bear which he rescued and is taking care of. his parents disapprove of the bear. A local doctor announced that Mark might have Tuberculosis. Discussion occurs between his parents in regards to the pet bear, and wanting a safer pet for Mark. Mark insists that Ben is not violent, but soon we see that he is made angry, he gets fierce. Mark and his friend, Clearwater, go out hunting for salmon and hay to prepare Ben for his hibernation. Mark installs a new window in his shed for warmth and security. One day shortly after, when Mark checks on Ben he sees that he is finally in a state of hibernation. Fog Benson and his friends were fooling around the shed and disturbed Ben, and he attacked the boys. He harmed them, but did not kill them. Fog wakes up Mark to tell him what has happened and threatens to shoot Ben, saying that he is unsafe to have in the neighbourhood. Marks parents decide that it's time for Ben to go. Ben gets taken away and shipped off by boat to an island with other bears. While on shipment to the island, the controlling the boat realize that they did not secure the cage properly and Ben had escaped. It worked out though, because Ben ended up swimming to the island he was being delivered too. Mark convinces his parents to allow him to go visit Ben ont he island. Mark has heard that Ben had been fighting with other bears, so when Mark and his dad went to visit, Mark's dad had a gun and was prepared to shoot Ben if necessary. When Mark finally finds Ben, they reconnect, Ben was very happy to see Mark. Mark and his father realize that this island is not the best place for him, as he is much more tame than the other bears there. After all, he was raised by humans; however, this is where he must stay. Rising Action Climax Falling Action Conclusion
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