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The Minister's Black Veil

No description

stephanie moore

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of The Minister's Black Veil

The Minister's Black Veil
by: Nathaniel Hawthorne
{Stephanie, Chloe, Michael, Haseeb}

Protagonist & Antagonist:
Protagonist: Mr Hooper; The minister.

Antagonist: Congregation and the Black veil
Point of View:
3rd Person, a narrator
Mr. Hooper starts to wear a veil that covers his whole face except for his mouth. His congregation reacts in different ways. Some are scared at the sight of it while others are mad at him for letting the veil come between him and his religion. Throughout the rest of his life he continues to wear the veil, losing friends and family who cannot come to terms with the veil.
An 18th Century town called Westbury
-The Black Veil: Secret Sin, man's potential being overshadowed by wickedness, the barrier that prevents humans from truly knowing each other
- The wedding/ funeral: Life and death
Gothic Elements:
-Written during the romantic era
- The veil gives a dark aspect, gives a gloomy shade
- The main character becomes alone or isolated
- Has a lot to deal with death and sin
Gothic Themes:
-Good & Evil
-Pure & Impure
-Innocent women
- Human values/morals
Mr. Hooper, a minister at a church, comes to the Sunday service wearing a mysterious black veil. Everyone was confused as to why he was wearing the veil. No one knew how to handle Mr. Hooper's new way of life. His girlfriend didn't like it, she wanted to know what he was hiding. So she asked him to remove the veil. He replied that he cannot but he didn't want a piece of fabric to come between them in this mortal world, but they could have eternity to spend together. She couldn't accept that answer so she decided to leave him. Mr Hooper went about his life doing what he was supposed to. He took part in weddings and mainly funerals. When the time came for him to depart Elizabeth came back to him. As he was about to take his last breath people tried to remove his veil, but he shot up and told them that the veil is to never be removed.
“There is an hour to come…when all of us shall cast aside our veils”. No one understands his reasoning & wants him to change his mind. People say they can't stay, especially since he will not make this sacrifice and be honest with them. After this, the Reverend is COMPLETELY ALONE.
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