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No description

brittany watson

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Syria

what happened? the current government (Bashir Asaad) and military control everything.

2011>15 boys were captured for writing freedom graffiti on a wall in a small town. parent go to the government asking for their sons backs. the regime told them to go home and make more babies. all but to were

people began to protest. protest begin to get bigger and begin to become violent.

the regime-military begin to kill to protesters.

soldiers would get shot if they didn't kill the protesters. bashir Assad President>Syria
head of military
people are wanting freedom
Saudi Arabia is going against Assad
civil war prediction in Aug 2012
free Syrian arm=reboils more sanctions
prohibited-no internet tv latest Syrian news
us troops operating in Jordan near Syria border. Syria by: Brittany Watson
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