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Rift by Andrea Cremer

No description

Aubrey Wilson

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Rift by Andrea Cremer

Andrea Cremer Conclusion Cremer has also written the Nightshade,Invisibility and The Inventors Secret series Ember Marrow was promised to serve the Templar knights in exchange for her mothers life at birth. On her sixteenth birthday, as she was anxiously waiting, two Templar knights come to take her to serve Conatus. As Ember is leaving her family follows her all the way to Conatus to try to stop her from going. As soon as she gets to the castle she is thrown into the trails. she has to choose either the door of Knowledge, Craft or War. After Ember chooses War she is led into the cellar and is attacked by an unworldly creature. She kills it and ends up getting Barrow as her mentor. Soon after she is on patrol and their company is ambushed by stringa and she is almost killed. they capture the prisoner and find out he is sent by a creature, Bosque Mar. After her recovery she is taken to the close by village for a festival. At the festival the village is attacked by Wraiths and the villagers believe that one of the knights , Scorcha, controls them and she is burned at the stake as a witch. the book ends with Ember and six knights fleeing the castle. Ember Morrow Ember is a high born noble from a large fief. She has always wanted to be a knight and being sent to Conatus is her only opportunity. After passing the trails she gets her twin blades which she named Silence and Sorrow. Her horse is named Caber and Caber saves her multiple times through out the book. Rift is person vs. Society because Ember is one of four female knights in Conatus and at the end of the book she has to go against the order of knights for the good of the entire world. Rift is First Person and the story is told mostly through Ember's point of view and the rest is through Eira's point of view.
Having it through both characters point of view helps the reader understand the book and how the events affect everyone in the book. I would suggest this book to anyone, it is not a sappy love story and its not all blood and guts. The book is easy to follow and its fast paced. the characters are easy to connect with and the book is never boring. If you like fantasy genre books then definitely read this book. Barrow Barrow is a seasoned knight and is one of the most powerful knights in Conatus. He is Embers mentor and flees the castle with her at the end of the book. His horse is named Toshach. Alistair Alistair is Embers oldest friend and has only been at Conatus for a year. He joins Eira and Mar as they try to destroy the Templar knight. Eira One of the four female knights and one of the two girls in the Circle (leaders). She joins Bosque Mar to control the knights and the creatures that the Templar knights kill. Because she has Mar's power she can freely control any creature that is the knights enemy. Cain Cain is Eira's twin sister and is the other girl in the Circle. She isn't as blood-thirsty as her sister. At the end of the book she joins the fleeing knights but stays at the castle to gather as much knowledge as she can. She writes mostly Fantasy books Lukaz stood up. "he evils we face are not of this world. Their true dwelling is elsewhere, a darker place still shrouded in mystery. We do all we can to learn of this spawning realm that plagues our world with it's diseases, but our efforts have been for naught." "We need to hunt the stringa and dispose of it" Lukaz told them "According to our sources, rumors have begun to fester throughout the villages of the forest. Once accusations begin to fly, they'll surely find some poor old woman, or more than one, to burn as a witch"

"the missions of the Guard are more often about saving innocent people from such fates as they are about destroying the real monsters," said Scorcha to Ember.

Ember's mind reeled. "none of the stories are ture? Of witches in league with the devil?" Pg 219 I like this passage because it shows how the knights protect the villagers as much as they can and its shows the authors writing style. I like how the author is exact in her wok and how she explains why the knights are fighting and not just that the knights are fighting the creatures.
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