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Scientific Method

No description

Corin Brown

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Scientific Method

List all supplies and equipment used in conducting your research or experiment. Your list of materials should include all of the ingredients of the procedure.
The procedure is a somewhat detailed, step - by - step description of how you conducted your experiment. Be clear about the variables vs. your controls. Be specific about how you measure results to prove or disprove your hypothesis. Your procedure should be like a recipe so another person should easily be able to follow it.
The results are usually in the form of a statement that explains the data. Results can be in the form of data, graphs, general summarization of what your data is telling you. Photos can also be used in the results.
The problem or research question is the single most important part of the scientific method. Every part of your project is done to answer this question. The research question is sometimes formed as a statement and is called the "Problem" or "Problem Statement." What is the scientific question that you are trying to answer?
Research Question
The hypothesis is an "educated guess," formed as a statement that you propose to be the answer to the research question. You should try to state the results you are predicting in measurable terms. Not always will your conclusion match your hypothesis
What is the Scientific Method?
Scientific Method
Scientific Method
The Scientific Method is an organized way of figuring something out. It involves six general steps. The basic steps are:

Problem, Purpose, or Research Question
Observations, Data, Results
By: Corin Brown, Justin Smith,
Jonathan Ally & Amrit Bhatti
Period: F
Mrs. Ashkenazy
Scientific Mehod
Why do we use the scientific method?
Reasarch Question Example:
Research Question
Goals of Hypothesis:
-we use scientific method to ask questions and to answer scientific inquires as a procedure during a scientific experiment. It is also used to organize data
An example of A research question is "Do plats grow better in sunlight or in the dark?" A research question always can be tested and has two variables involved with it. As well as the possibility of forming a hypothesis with it. This research quesiton asks if plants grow better in sunlight or in the dark. Which can be tested by placing plants in the dark and some in the sunlight to see which grows better.
Regardless of the type of hypothesis, the goal of hypothesis is to help explain the focus and direction of the experiment or research. As such a good hypothesis will:
State the purpose of the research
Identify what variables are used
There are three types of parts to the results of scientific method:
Making a data table
Making graphs
Analyzing data with simple statistical test
The Conclusion is a summary of the research and the results of the experiment. This is where you answer your problem or research question.
You make a statement of whether your data supported your hypothesis or not. You may have data that supported your hypothesis and not another part.
You may also have data that did not support your hypothesis at all. In this case, you may explain why the results were different.
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