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The False Prince

No description

David Dodd

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The False Prince

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Prezi By: David Dodd
Book By: Jeenifer A. Nielson The False Prince Setting/ Exposition The royal family of Carthya has been murdered.
The lost prince, Jaron, has been missing for 4 years.
Regent Conner has devised a plan to transform an orphan into Prince Jaron.
Located i the country of Carthya in Farthenwood, the home of Conner. Characters Sage- an orphan who repeatedly defies Conner, and insists on everything going according to his will.
Mott- one of Conner "servants" who really has his own independence.
Cregan- a mindless goon who follows Conner's will without question.
Tobias- another orphan who has been taught to read and write and is the smartest of the three orphans.
Conner- a noble who wishes to seize the throne of Carthya for himself.
Roden- a physically strong orphan who also competes for the throne. Rising Action Conner selects 4 boys who he believes could make a convincing Prince.
Conner molds Tobias, Sage, and Roden into his own "Jaron" over the course of the next two weeks.
Conner chooses Roden as his prince, but changes to Sage.
Roden tries to beat Sage and take the crown, along with Cregan, and Sage wins. Conflict Sage must compete against two other orphans, Roden and Tobias, to become an impostor of Prince Jaron, who went missing 4 years prior to the events of this story. With the rest of the crown family murdered, whoever is chosen as Prince Jaron will seize the Kingship, but the losers may have to pay an ultimate price Falling Action King Jaron (Sage) has Conner arrested for attempted murder of Prince Jaron four years ago and murder of the royal family.
Jaron confronts Amarinda, the princess betrothed to the crown.
Jaron acknowledges he doesn't wish to be king, but will do it for Carthya. Resolution Don't be lazy! Read this amazing book. It'll keep you on the edge of your seat.
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