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5 Reasons why Now is a great time to be an MLS

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Jon Harol

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of 5 Reasons why Now is a great time to be an MLS

What can I do to make myself a more appealing candidate to a lab?
Will a Masters Degree allow me to move from a staff position into upper management?
What’s the deal with state licensure?
When is it worth it for an MLT to go back to school and get their BS Degree?
Will using a recruiter to help me find a job cost me money?
If there is a shortage of laboratory workers why can’t I find a job?
Is it better to specialize or remain a Generalist?
What can I do about the laboratory worker shortage?
What is the most common reason that offers fall apart?
How can I truly determine a candidate’s skill level prior to hire?
Is a laboratory resume any different from a regular resume?
What is better to obtain, MBA, MHA or MPH?
Where do you get the most bang for your buck when investing in your education? Excellent Job Opportunities & Room For Growth Currently, there are approximately 40,000 open clinical lab jobs.
The number of jobs exceeds the number of job seekers and that trend is expected to continue.
Employment is expected to grow by 14% by 2018, significantly faster than the average job.
Medical Laboratory Scientists and Medical Laboratory Technicians ranked one of the best jobs by US News and World Report
Made Money magazine's list of Best Health Care Jobs Job Opportunities
Medical Technologist in the field = 328,100

Need for Medical Technologist = 362,200

Laboratory Shortage = 34,100

Vacancy Rate = 9.4% The Laboratory Shortage Defined 1. You Are In Demand
2. Excellent Job Opportunities & Room For Growth
3. Salaries Are on the Rise
4. Better Recognition
5. New Technologies & Testing 5 Reasons why NOW is a GREAT time to be a Medical Laboratory Scientist About Us
10+ years of Health Care Recruiting experience; 8 years niched exclusively in the Clinical Laboratory market
Recruit nationwide on a permanent basis
Regularly place candidates in Medical Technologist, Histotechnologist, and Cytotechnologist roles ranging from the staff to director level
Clients range from large reference labs (Quest Diagnostics, Lab Corp, Sonic Health Care) to major health systems/hospitals (preferred vendor for HCA , New York Presbyterian Hospital etc.) and include many medium and small (critical access) hospitals and independently owned labs
Publish “The Laboratorian”, a monthly e-newsletter distributed to 27,000+ certified laboratory professionals containing open jobs, pertinent industry news, and average salaries
Run some of the largest laboratory social media groups on LinkedIn (15,000+) and Facebook (2,250+), with over 100% growth this past year

Presented by Lighthouse Recruiting 5 Reasons Why Now is a Great time to be a Medical Laboratory Scientist New clinical laboratory tests being developed all the time (Examples: Fibromyalgia, Asthma Blood Test, Premature Delivery/Autism, Cancer Breath Test, Home AIDs/Cancer)
New/growing departments (molecular department)
Personalized Medicine – Preactionary Medicine
New Equipment/Improved Efficiencies New Technologies & Testing Techniques Demand Commands Respect
Certification/State License
New Title
Increased Advocacy Recognition's Improving Salaries are on the Rise In contrast to the rest of the economy, employment has grown and salaries have increased.
Annual change in compensation for all US employees dropped by -3% in 2010. MLS salaries increased by 6.86%. A difference of nearly 10%!
The states with the highest pay for Med Techs are California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Oregon. California leads the pack at $75,088/yr. Above Average Salaries Excellent Job Opportunities & Room For Growth Further Education (Master’s Degree)
Specialist Certifications (SBB, SM, DLM)
Look Outside your Organization
Specialized Training (Key Operator, Continuing Ed)
Look for Projects / Additional Responsibility
Read About Leadership Ways to Advance Your Career Excellent Job Opportunities & Room For Growth Medical Technology has the 8th smallest unemployment rate of all college majors.
As of October 2011, the unemployment rate for people with a Bachelor’s degree was 4.4%. For those with a BSMT, 1.4%.
95% of Medical Technologist graduates found employment within 6 months of graduation. Powerful Degree You Are In Demand 40% of Med Tech/MLT in the field in 2010 are expected to retire by 2018
Field expected to grow by 14%
5,507 Med Tech/MLTs graduate each year, yet 17,717 are needed, a deficit of 12,210/yr Future Snapshot You Are In Demand Even Higher Vacancy Rates Timing is everything! 5 Reasons why NOW is a GREAT time to be a Medical Laboratory Scientist PLEASE CONTACT US WITH ANY QUESTIONS

www.LighthouseRecruiting.com Contact Info You Are In Demand The vacancy rate for staff laboratory workers is 8.1%. The overall vacancy rate in the lab is 9.4%! High Vacancy Rate You are in demand Resulting in a vacancy rate of 44% by 2018!
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