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Orthopedic Surgeon Presentation

Job presentation

Anna Leaf

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of Orthopedic Surgeon Presentation

What is an OS? Orthopedic Surgeon Examines
Treats musculoskeletal diseases and injuries.
Surgically immobilize fractures
splints 4 Years of Undergraduate
4 Years of Medical School
5 year residency -
1 year in general surgery
4 years in orthopedic surgery
1 year internship Salary & Benefits Jobs that help you prepare What classes to take Cost of Education Employment Outlook Where to go to school What does an OS do? Education & Training It all depends on. . .

Specialization in a particular field
5 to 10 years - $180, 000 to $360, 000
1 to 4 years - $120,000 to $305,000
0 to 1 year - $50,000 to $250,000 Biology with Lab (one year)
Inorganic Chemistry with Lab (one year)
Organic Chemistry with Lab (one year)
Physics (one year)
English (one year)
Anatomy A Medical doctor specializing in...
Treating conditions or injuries that affect the skeletal system
Surrounding muscles
Various tissues like...
Tendons connected to bones Necessary field that will continue to be in high demand
Employment opportunities expected to grow faster
Higher incidence of musculoskeletal conditions that occur with aging. Some well respected Medical schools offering Orthopedics are....
University of Washington
University of Florida
Indiana University Cost to complete Medical School.....
UW:$23,049 (in-state) $52,029 (out-of-state)
IU: $29,653 (in-state) $42,981 (out-of-state)
UF:$27,524 (in-state) $55,372 (out-of-state) Anything with fine hand movements
Any job working with people
Wood Carving
Working with prosthetics
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