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Metabical Case Study

No description

Russ Lowgren

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Metabical Case Study

Presented by:
The Lever Group Metabical - Case Study Goal? Targeting and Positioning: How to market Metabical to the correct audience to maximize sales Who are we? The Lever Group An independent market research group specializing in the balance between exercise and diet for overweight individuals Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (CSP) International health care company
$25 billion in sales in 2007
Makers of Zimistat
Metabical - may be first FDA approved prescription drug?
Shown to be very effective for slightly overweight individuals The Situation Ideal target customer is a slightly overweight female between the age of 35-65. Positioning
Strategy Losing weight is tough. You don't have to do it alone. Let Metabical and your health care provider start you on the road to a healthy weight and better life.
(End Consumers) Advertising Message How to Market? TARGET: SWOT ANALYSIS CSP has spent 10 years and $400 million developing Metabical
A successful launch will ensure a steady, long-term demand. Not a long term solution for patients
Should be combined with diet and exercise
Emphasize support program to change behavior patterns with over-eating The Consumer Decision Making Process Empower your patients to lose excess weight, change their unhealthy eating habits, and achieve long term success. Introducing Metabical – short-term drug therapy and a comprehensive support program for overweight patients. It gets results.
(Health Care Providers) The ideal target customer is a slightly overweight female.
Use both push and pull strategies to market to the end consumer and health care providers
Marketing message should emphasize that Metabical is a temporary step towards long term health. Conclusion End Consumer Health Care Professional Women represent larger group but should appeal to both men & women
Only slightly overweight - Metabical enables a healthier, longer life
Highlight that treatment is a temporary program How do People Decide? Need Recognition & Problem Awareness Alternative Search Alternative Evaluation Purchase Post Purchase Evaluation Pull Strategy
(DTC Advertising) Push Strategy
(Sales Force) Promotion and Public Relations CSP needs clear positioning and a targeted marketing plan.
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