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Ivy League Schools

No description

Kailee Harkness

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Ivy League Schools

Oldest Ivy League school, being founded in 1636
Can get many degrees, through many different opportunities
Is a research university, and a pretty large school.
#1 Ivy League School
5.9% acceptance rate
To be admitted, your average SAT score has to be 2253
Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts
This school is mentioned in the book we will be reading!
Motto is "Veritas" which means truth.
It has the 3rd largest library in the U.S, containing nearly 17 million novels!!
University of
Princeton University
Columbia University
Is located in New York.
Has an acceptance rate of 7.4%.
Is a private research facility.
Founded in 1754.
Motto is "In lumine Tuo videbimus lumen" which means, "In Thy light, shall we see the light."
The Columbia University marching band is known to randomly burst into the library reading and studying room before exams and play as loudly as possible.
Brown University
Located in Providence, Rhode Island.
Acceptance rate of 9%
Founded in 1764.
Is a research university.
Motto is "In Deo Speramus" which means In God we Hope.
It's aquatics and fitness center have the largest solar power heating system!
by Kailee, Amanda, and Katrice
Has a 10% acceptance rate.
7th oldest ivy league school, being founded in 1769.
Research collage and is a fairly large school.
Rated the 7th best Ivy League School.
Students need an SAT score of 2185, (lower than Harvard).
Located in Nova Scotia.
Is one of the schools mentioned in the book we will be reading!
More than half of the students at Dartmouth participated in the travel abroad programs.

Cornell University
Located in Princeton, New Jersey
Founded in 1746.
Has a 7.9% acceptance rate
Motto is "Dei sub numine viget", which means "Under god's power she flourishes."
Many things have been named after Princeton university, such as Mount Princeton in Colorado, and the Princeton Glacier.
Motto is "Leges sine moribus vanae" which means "Laws without morals are useless."
Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Commonly referred to as Penn or UPenn.
Acceptance rate of 12.3%
Founded in 1740.
About 13,000 students, faculty and staff participate in community service, for many different causes.
Newest Ivy league school, being founded in 1865.
Located in Ithaca, New York.
Acceptance rate of 16.2%.
Motto is "I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study."
Designed to make contributions to all fields, from classics to sciences, from theoretical to applied.
Yale encompasses a wide array of centers and programs, libraries, museums, and administrative support offices.
Approximately 11,250 students attend Yale.
Founded in 1701.
Acceptance rate of 6.8%
Motto is "Lux et Veritas" which means "Light and truth."
Contains a lot of secret societies.
The Ivy League Schools
The Ivy League schools are considered to be some of the most prestigious schools worldwide. It is a conference comprised of 8 different schools, which you will learn about in this presentation, and two of which are mentioned in the book we will be reading. Their ideals are based on academic performance, and they are therefore very selective in admitting students. The schools were named "Ivy League" because of the ivy planting ceremonies that occur at the school on a holiday called "Ivy Day". They are mainly located on the east coast of North America, and are all very distinguished schools, as all of them rank in the top 20 universities.
Dartmouth University
Ivy League Schools
In conclusion, you can see why someone would want to get into an Ivy League School. They are highly advanced schools for only the brightest and best. So no, they are not a bunch of schools that have been overrun by a prickly plant. They are much, much more...
Which Ivy League School would you want to go to? Which one seems the most appealing?
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