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Concept Map

For Advanced Chemistry

Marisa Davidson

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Concept Map

Matter Is made up of and can be divided into Particles Is the measure of the speed of the is the amount of space occupied by Volume when increased/decreased, expands/contracts, which also increases/decreases Temperature When increased produces Eph is the measure of the number of Mass Mixuture Homogeneous Are made up of Atoms Molecule Is made up of are related by Density Heterogeneous Cannot be created nor destroyed, due to the law of Conservation of Mass Pure Compound is a substance made of 2 or more kinds of Element that's particles cannot be further broken down is an made up of two or more substances is a made up of only one substance is Ek Eq Ech Energy is a storage category of Pressure Ions determine the charge of and are contained in Cation Anion Can only be one in an atom and cannot move out of the atom, is a positive can be more than one in an atom and can move around the atom or even out of it in metals, is a negative That separate into layers are When mixed together to look uniform, or like one substance, are When the atoms are connected by charge is When atoms are drawn together but neutral is Molecular Ionic Metal Non-Metal is a conductive State When changed results in a change of When changed is called a Physical Change When changes to the melting/freezing or evaporating/condensing point causes a Heat Increases the speed of the is area dividing the number of pushes of Mole is 6.2*10^23 units of Avogadro's Number Is 6.2*10^23 and is also referred as a Molar Mass is the mass of a mole of atoms of a specific Chemical Change Is a process in which rearranged and reattached are the when two simple substances combine into one, more complex substance; a type of Synthesis Combustion Decompisition Single Replacement Double Replacement When a complex substance splits into multiple simple substances One element switches place with another; a type of Both cations exchange anions; a type of react a carbon-hydrogen (sometimes oxygen) compound with oxygen gas to form carbon dioxide and water the original substance which changes during a The substance created during a Reactant Product Is the opposite of Chemical Equation Shows a Exothermic Endothermic when energy leaves the system; a type of when energy enters the system; a type of Excess Reagent Limiting Reagent when left over after a chemical reaction is When limits the amount of product produced after a chemical reaction is Theoretical Yeild If you had the exact correct amount of reactants, Is the amount of product you would create after a
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