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Copy of Mehmed II

No description

Janeen Saunders

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Mehmed II

Sultan Mehmed 2
Ottoman Empire
General Info.
His power and Downfall/Death
Significant Events
His Impact on the Ottoman Empire
Thanks for listening
He gained control of 3 main areas
He led the Navy and Army both to victory
He brought an end to the Byzantine Empire
Captured Constantinople, changing its name to Istanbul
Captured Bosina- 1463
Captured Otranto, Italy- 1481
He made the Ottoman Empire stronger
He strengthened the Navy and Army
He captured Constantinople (Istanbul). It was originally a Christian city which he changed into an Islamic city
He extended the Ottoman Empire
He changed the Ottoman state into an Empire

29th March 1432, Edirne
Death: 3rd May 1481 at the age of 49
Buried in a cemetery within the Fatih Mosque.
He was the 7th Sultan
Parent: Murad ii- father
Ruled: 1451-1481
Leader at the age of 19
Known as 'Mehmed the Conqueror'
He is regarded as a national hero in Turkey
There is a bridge named after him
1470s: He didn't want to be seen in public.
His elder brothers died making him next in line to become leader
Death: 3rd May 1481
People believed that he could have been poisoned by his doctor or son
Conquering Constantinople
Fatih Sultan Mehmed Bridge
Conquering Constantinople
1451- He made preparations of taking down Constantinople
1453- He commenced the siege of Constantinople
He had an army of between 80 000 to 200 000
In early April the siege began
there were many failed attempts
after 57 days Constantinople fell on the 29th of May
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