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Characters in Macbeth

No description

Jennifer Purssell

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of Characters in Macbeth

Characters in Macbeth Friends of Macbeth Macbeth Tragic hero
Thane of Glamis and Cawdor, King of Scotland Lady Macbeth Macbeth's wife.
Encourages him to kill Duncan.
Later goes mad from guilt. Macbeth's best friend until Macbeth has him murdered.
Appears as a ghost at Macbeth;s dinner party. Banquo Enemies of Macbeth Supernatural Servants or Co-workers of Macbeth Hecate Fleance Lennox The three witches Malcolm and Donalbain Macduff and his family Duncan Siward and Young Siward Son of Banquo
Escapes the three murderers sent to kill him. Siward = Earl of Northumberland and general of the English army that comes to get Macbeth.
Young Siward honoured when killed in battle by Macbeth. A much-loved king.
Has a lot of faith in Macbeth until he is murdered. The sons of Duncan.
Malcolm is the rightful king.
Flee to England while Macbeth is king.
Eventually re-take the throne Macduff is loyal to Duncan but never trusts Macbeth.
Goes to England to help Malcolm.
Family is killed as revenge for his change of sides. Leader of the witches Three women who give Macbeth the predictions that begin his path to tyranny.
Are they really evil or just misunderstood old women? Seyton Angus, Menteith and Caithness Ross Scottish noblemen Scottish nobleman and messenger Macbeth's lietenant. One of Duncan's nobles.
Observer and sarcastic commentator.
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