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School of fear

No description

Brianna Beining

on 8 February 2014

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Transcript of School of fear

School of fear
written by: Gitty Daneshvari
Prezi created by: Brianna Beining


- The Main character is Ms. Wellington, she owns the School of Fear. She helps the kids get over their fears. Ms. Wellington wears a lot of make up and the students don't like her very much.

Favorite Passage
"I didn't think any of you would make it. I bet Schmidty one dollar and lost", Munchauster grumbled rudely. "Anyone got a dollar I could borrow?"
This is on page 336.
That is my favorite passage because I think it is funny that he would send the kids out and not trust them.
- This book takes place in the school of fear, it also takes place in a small city where they go to look for a dog named Macaroni.
Plot despription
- In this book is about four kids that have different fears and they go to the school called school of fear at this school they are trying to learn how to face their fears. The teacher Ms. Wellington fakes her death and the kids have to go try and find her dog named Macaroni they have to face their fears by going over obstacles in the end they are not afraid anymore.
Book Review
-this is a fantasy book because it has fake characters in it and it has events that could never happen
-this book reminds me of myself because there is a character in the book named Lulu and she has the same color hair and the same color eyes that I have.
- I liked this book because it keeps you hanging and you always want to read more.
- If you kike books about adventures, then you would like this book

About the author
Gitty Daneshvari is the
author of the book school
of fear. As a child Gitty
Daneshvari talked and
talked and talked. In need
of an outlet for her thoughts
Gitty began writing and she
has not stopped writing

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