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Body system: Softball

No description

Christiana Torres

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Body system: Softball

Body system: Softball
Look At That Body Project
One way our body stays healthy is through a good workout. To get a good workout you can get involved in a sport such as soccer,football, softball,tennis and many more. Today we are here to tell you how you can keep your body in shape.
Skeletal System
Our exercise, softball is related to the skeletal system because they help you stand your ground. The bones help you stand your gorund when swinging, landing a base, and pitching.
Muscular System
Softball requires a lot physical work in the muscles throughout the body.Such as the biceps when pitching, swinging, and catching. We use our calves and
hamstrings muscles when we run and stretch.Our body carries many
Using the Calves
Cardiovascular System
The cardiovascular system of your body is the system which carries blood through our body and to the heart. By running in softball, it makes our body pump blood faster to keep us from fainting.
Respiratory System
Using the Heart
The respiratory system affects the human body system by having our lungs needing for oxygen. For example, while chasing after the ball or your opponent. Also you are always needing to catch another breath so your lungs controls your running.
Using the Lungs
Nervous System
The nervous system consists of the eye, ear, and the muscles in side of them. The muscles inside the eye are the lens, pupil, retnia, optic nerve, cornea, and iris. Lastly, the three main parts of the ear is the inner, middle, and outer ear.
The Eyes & Ears
Torn ACL:Skeletal System
When you tear an ACL it allows you to not walk for a ling time unless you gte surgery and then wait for itto heal.Otheriwse it moves your bone the wrong way and must be fixed quickly.
Muscular System
An ACl is a type of ligament that attatches to the muscle which holds your knee bone. So when you tear an ACl it is very important that you make sure it is not completely gone or else it will damage your knee.
Respiratory System
The respiratory system is not affected by a torn ACL unless you are breathing hard from pain but it will not affect your breathing in a any other way.
Cardivascular System
The cardiovacular system does not affect the torn ACL in any way.
Nervous System
The nervous system is not affeted by a torn ACL, expect when you need to see if you knee is swollen and need to hear if it has snapped.
Treatment(s) for a Torn ACL
For a torn ACL there is only two types of treatments you can do. The first one is to let it heal on its own which eill take a long time and it will not heal completely. The second and last treatment is surgery where you take
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