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Scott Adams

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of GPAEDC

Roots for Success The Creative Concept Measurement All hands on deck!

Results Tactics Core Marketing Tactics A Cohesive Strategy Creative Economy,
Cottage Living. Track results and save time This overall strategy becomes much more powerful when:

1. All pillars of the GPAEDC team, working with Birchbark Media, are pulling in the same direction, leveraging their resources and considerable talents in an effort to feed into the primary/core message.

2. Creative assets are produced cost-effectively. All assets will be repurposed across all outlets (e.g. broadcast, print, social media, etc.) Build a Foundation for SEO What we are interested in is delivering results, above and beyond expectations, through ...

- Clearly defined goals, objectives, and metrics so we can evaluate tangible results

- Birchbark Media will create a working relationship built on trust and transparency.

- We will compliment your existing internal attributes, while lending much needed horsepower in the form of our technical ability to execute.

- Commitment to the community in which we work, play, and raise our families. How could the overall quality of your life be improved if you lived, worked or vacationed in the Greater Peterborough Area? 2013 Content Marketing Strategy
& Creative Concept Optimized Content Marketing is the art of understanding exactly what your prospects and customers need to know and deliberately producing optimized content based on keywords that are driving organic search traffic and conversions.

Then delivering that optimized content in a relevant and compelling way to grow your business by socializing the content through your organization’s social networks. Review the website's Technical SEO Foundation & Fundamental’s checklist.

Perform Keyword & Competitive Research

Develop an optimized content marketing plan

Publish, socialize and Share

Measure and improve Maximize the distribution of each piece of content

Pre plan content to capitalize on season / key dates

Prevent duplicating posts

Keep everyone involved organized and in tune with efforts Video Production
& Photography Social Media
& Contests Bloggers
& Media SEO / Web Presence Social Media Management
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