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A Tale of Two Cities

No description

Joshua Dizon

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of A Tale of Two Cities

Joshua Dizon
A Tale of Two Cities
Period 6
In order for your love ones to live a safe and happy life you must

A Tale of Two Cities Quotes
Non-Fiction Text


Video Analysis

Armageddon , the film directed by Michael Bay exemplifies the tone of bravery and a heroic act by Harry S. Stamper (Bruce Willis).
Harry destroys the asteroid by himself saving earth, doing what all heroes do which is erasing the fear of evil, for example erasing Grace's (Liv Tyler) fear of the asteroid hitting earth.
Another act that all heroes do is protecting and keeping people safe, for example Harry says to Grace that he'll "look down on you time to time" protecting Grace from beginning to end and still being the heroic figure Grace see's in her eyes.
The brave selfish decision of Harry, taking on the asteroid one v.s one really earned the faith and trust of the people that served with him and the and the planet. If it wasn't for his bravery then the whole "save the earth" plan would've been spoiled for example Colonel Sharp questioning of Harry's efficiency of detonating the bomb but the the crew had faith in their captain (Harry) like A.J. "Harry will do it, he doesn't know how to fail" knowing that from working experience with Harry.
Armageddon shows the subject and theme of sacrificing for the benefits of your love ones . Harry sacrifices his life and the promise of his daughter to save humanity on earth including, Harry's love ones Grace, A.j and Lev from the asteroids that were about to decimate the earth.
Synthesis/ Reflection
"'As long as you don't know weather they are in that room or not, you are uncertain what to do' said Miss Pross to herself ; ' and you shall not know that, if I can prevent your knowing it; and know that, or not know that, you shall not leave hear while I can hold you." (Dickens.453)

"I know, but it rises out of my soul. and for any dear to you, I would do anything. If my career were of that better kind that there was any opportunity or capacity of sacrifice in it, I would embrace any sacrifice for you and for those dear to you." (Dickens. 188)

"Upon those had followed Gabelle's letter: the appeal of an innocent prisoner, in danger of death, to his justice, honor, and good name." (Dickens. 298)

In Book 3 Chapter 14: The Knitting Done, the quote relates to the theme because Miss Pross sacrifices herself to prevent Madame Defarge knowing of the Manette's location. Miss Pross and Madame Defarge gets into a savage fight, ending Madame Defarge's life and Miss Pross' hearing ability. Without Miss Pross' sacrifice, the Manettes would of never been able to escape France safely. If Madame Defarge found out the and reported that the Manettes left town, the Manettes-Evermondes family would of been sentence to death. Risks of charges of homicide ,and a being deaf ability is worth it if you help keep you're love ones safe.

If you love a person dearly, would you sacrifice you're own living life to make that special person happy? In Book 2 Chapter 13: The Fellow of No Delicacy, the quote relates with the theme because Sydney Carton makes a promise to Lucie Manette (Sydney's love of his life) that he'll sacrifice himself for Lucie and her love ones. The promise is fueled with Sydney's love for Lucie. To me Sydney Carton's message shows that his love for Lucie in his life overcomes everything, Lucie's happiness is what Carton cares about. The love for Lucie changes Sydney Carton, in the beginning of the book Carton was a disappointing drunk drudge, but when Lucie Manette came into his life he cleaned himself up and became the savior of the Manettes-Evermondes. At the end of the book Carton lives up to his promise by switching places with his look alike, Lucie's husband (Charles Darnay). Taking the death for Lucie's love one, Charles.

In Book 2 Chapter 24: Drawn to the Lodestone Rock, the quote relates to the theme because it shows the reason of Charles Darnay sacrificing his rights once he stepped on French territory to try and save his family friend. When Charles left France he promise that nothing was going to happen to Gabelle, Charles had to return to France with his promise, intending to go to France to free his family friend. Charles's rescue mission for Gabelle was a fail because Charles ends up getting thrown and jail.
Based off the article "Brother's Ultimate Sacrifice -- A Story of Faith Amidst Suffering" by Rev. Bill Shuler, the authors claim is that Ryan merely gave his all in his faith. One example from the article about Ryan merely giving his all in his faith is "God clearly had a purpose for Ryan's life and he has a purpose for Chad's life that is worthy of his brother's sacrifice..." The quote shows how Ryan relied on Chad, God having a purpose of Ryan and Chad, Chad being Ryan's faith of donating a liver to his deserving brother that was worthy of living. The author's tone of the article is commendable towards Ryan's sacrifice. "The words in the scripture, "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends,"(John 15:13) are slightly noble words until it was modeled in a hospital room where a brother's life hangs in the balance..." He brought the words in one of the most sacred and holy scriptures to life. He lived up to the moral duties from the bible. If I had a choice of giving an organ to my sister? Would I consider my role as god's follower or my role as her brother? I would consider my role as her brother, if my sister was really sick and needed a part of my liver I would give it to her for her to live. She's part of my life and she'll even have a bigger part in my life if she had part of my liver being connected somehow for saving her life with my role.
Dickens, Charles, Hablot Knight Browne, and Frederick Barnard. A Tale of Two Cities,. New York: Dodd, Mead &, 1942. Print.
"Armageddon - Goodbye Harry." YouTube. YouTube, 23 Sept. 2007. Web. 16 Dec. 2013. <
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Youtube. "Armageddon - Saddest Scene (Full HD)." YouTube. YouTube, 22 June 2011. Web. 16 Dec. 2013. <
Based off of
A Tale of Two Cities
by Charles Dickens, Armageddon directed by Michael Bay and A Brother's Ultimate Sacrifice -- A Story of Amidst Suffering by Rev.Bill Shuler, I understand that life isn't unfair and in order for you to live that unfair life safely you must need to sacrifice valuable things. In Armageddon, Harry S. Stamper sacrificed his life to detonate an asteroid that was about to destroy earth that had living species including the people close to him. In a Tale of Two Cites Sydney Carton, sacrificed his life to save Lucie Manette's husband for her happiness. In A Brother's Ultimate Sacrifice -- A Story of Amidst Suffering Ryan Arnold donated part of his liver to his older brother Chad Arnold for him to overcome his live disease, Ryan ended up dying. The article, video and book taught me, again I say that life isn't unfair you win some and you lose some, meaning there can be positive things in life and their can be negative things like losing you're love ones. But the whole purpose of that special person that died in your life, was to make you live a better life.
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