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Strategic Planning for Faculty Development: Sensible Approaches For Starting and Sustaining

INFD 2015 Debra Rudder Lohe and Alyson Indrunas

Alyson Indrunas

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Strategic Planning for Faculty Development: Sensible Approaches For Starting and Sustaining

Strategic Planning for Faculty Development Centers :
Sensible Approaches For Starting and Sustaining

Choose the current state you believe
is most accurate for your context of starting,
rebuilding, re-branding, or re-visioning your unit.

Sit at the corresponding table for this workshop.
Where are you?
This is not a linear process! There is no "one way" to plan strategically or to employ strategic thinking.
It's messy! Embrace chaos.
Dr. Debra Rudder Lohe
Director of Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning
Saint Louis University

Alyson Indrunas, M.A., M.Ed.
Director of eLearning & Instructional Design
Everett Community College
Disclaimer: A continuum is slightly misleading, since it suggests movement from one state to another.

In reality, such changes do not happen in a linear way. An established center may be thriving this year and contested next year, depending on a variety of contextual variables the center may or may not have control over.

Workshop Philosophy:

We are focusing on the Process, rather than Product
process doesn’t always lead to a product
there’s no “one way”

Are you strategic planning or planning strategically? (We also think in terms of strategic thinking)

Context matters!
small, large?
New, contested, established?
Public, private institution?

Vision & Values: Individual Activity
These are the big picture things to keep in mind as you plan – so you’re always planning “strategically” to achieve these visions, not re-actively:
Think current and future as best as you can.

Situate your strategic planning efforts in your specific context by articulating current and future vision, mission, and values

“If you knew no one would say no, what would you do?”

Group Activity
Think direct/indirect and internal/external:
Your mission/vision may explicitly name particular stakeholders, but it also has implicit stakeholders.

Considering your unit, your institution, and your broader context (state, national, professional field, sister institutions, etc.), identify all the individuals or groups that have a “stake” in the success and work of your unit
Data: Types & Sources
Beginning Questions:
What do we do well? What are our challenges? What could we do better? More of? What should we revise? What are the relevant needs on our campus? What does administration / college leadership think their faculty need / should be thinking about? Campus initiatives?
Brainstorm helpful questions: Group Activity
Similarly, a new or emerging center may never find itself contested
Closing Provocations

Thank you!
Here is the link for our strategic planning wiki. http://bit.ly/infd2015

You'll find helpful documents from our continuum. Please share with us what you used and what you did.

Good luck!
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