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Pain during Pregnancy

No description

Madeleine Whitty

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of Pain during Pregnancy

Pain during pregnancy During pregnancy: During pregnancy you might experience some lower abdominal pain. This is mostly normal, although there are some other symptoms that might follow this like fevers or some bleeding or spotting. if you are experiencing this you should see a doctor for advice and concerns. You may experience diziness during pregnancy, this is normal but is best to control it by:
Make sure to eat regulary. Avoid long periods of time without food, snacks are a good idea. Eating snacks keeps your blood sugar level down just the same as eating proteins.
When you are sitting or lying down try not to get up to fast, becasue this might cause dizziness.
Standing for long periods of times, increases diziness, try to keep your feet moving.
After the middle of your second trimester avoid lying on your back.
Also make sure that in your diet you have adequate iron. When is it time to call a doctor?:

If you are having any bleeding or spotting.
If you're seeing is blurry or if you are begging to get dizzy.
Some causes of lower abdominal pain during pregnancy might also be placental abruption, round ligament pain and preeclampsia. If you are experiencing cramps that are on going and are bleeding. If this is happening to you then you should call a doctor immediately. Woman may also have abdominal pain which may lead to relation to kidney stone, the gallbladder disease and maybe pancreatitis. If not treated immediately these problems lead to surgery during pregnancy. You can also control the lower back pain by using a calcium rich diet which has milk products, meat and vegetables.
You will start getting morning sickness from 6-12 weeks of pregnancy. To help slow down morning sickness:
Avoid strong odors
Snack throughout the day to prevent your stomach from getting to hungry or to full
Try to eat dry or salty foods occasionally.
It is also important to get lots of rest. What medications should I use or not use?
When you go out to buy normal painkillers, like ones in a pharmacy remember that these medications may be safe for you to use, but may not necessarily mean that they are safe for your baby. It is best during pregnancy if you stop buying pharmacy medications and only take medication by your doctor, or you could see your doctor before buying them to give you permission, that it is safe for your baby. Also when you are pregnant, full-strength aspirin is not good, especially through the last through the last three months. Aspirin might delay labor, cause bleeding in the fetus and increase the time of labor. There are more medicines that include aspirin in there ingredients which are, Anacin Analgesic Tablets, Cope, Excedrin Extra Strength and Vanquish Analgesic caplets. If you are using Aspirin and these medications you should have seen your doctor before for advice and permission.

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