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International Management - Outsourcing Topic

No description

Christian Le

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of International Management - Outsourcing Topic

Application in
International Marketplace Practical Example: Outsourcing Organisations AIRBUS A380 Vietnam Recommendation for Application Conclusion Advantages Disadvantages Funny disadvantage AIRBUS A380 Group Discussion Theory Interpretation Further application Developed countries: USA Developing countries Global Factors Outsource International Management Outsourcing Wall-e Nguyen Hoang Thang
Le Quoc Lam s3220633
s3210326 Reference: Outsourcing Make or Buy? What is outsource? What Who Where When Trade-off How Differences in cost or quality of the factors of production Globalisation => lower barriers for flow of goods & capital Technology development: Manufacturing Communication Integration Requirement of effectiveness + efficiency Average Tariff Rates on Manufactured Products Labour Land Capital Cost efficiency Strategic flexibility Speed up production time Focus on core business
Less control power Dependency on suppliers Security issue Unemployment Huge airliner! 478.1 m2 of floor space Double-deck 853 passengers 4 engines Flying range 15,200km 4 A380s / month 569,000 kg capability - cockpit
- flight control
- lower centre fuselage France Rolls-Royce
United Technologies
General Electric
Hawker Siddeley
Broughton British - wings
- engines Germany - forward and rear fuselage
- upper center fuselage - flaps and spoilers Dutch Spain - horizontal tailplane India China Silicon Valley of India Allnoch, A 1997, 'Outsourcing boost profitability', IIE solutions, August, vol. 29 p.9.

Brocks, G 2004, 'What is outsourcing', New Media Age, 28 October, p.4.

Bendor-Samuel, Peter, ‘‘A New Way of Doing Business’’ InfoServer.
http://www.outsourcing-journal.com/issues/apr1998/html.April 1998

Coyle, J; John, J; Gibson, B; Novack, R and Bardi, E, 2008, Supply Chain Management: a logistic perspective, 8th edition, South-Western Cengage Learning, USA

Outsourcing Interactive: An Online Resource of the Outsourcing Institute. (1999)

Prof. Nguyen Cong Van, 1996, A STUDY OF VIETNAM POTENTIAL IN OUTSOURCE INDUSTRY, viewed 11th November, 2010


http://web.worldbank.org/WBSITE/EXTERNAL/COUNTRIES/SOUTHASIAEXT/INDIAEXTN/0,,menuPK:295589~pagePK:141159~piPK:141110~theSitePK:295584,00.html Access to new technology Outsource Unemployment Do you support outsource? If yes, how about the If no, how to improve unemployment? production efficiency?
olitical conomic ocial echnological nvironmental egal L T E P E S Potential to get

outsource from developed countries Contracted
Outsource Industry
Development Worker Supplier Vietnam's Automobile Industry Government Extremely high tariff Extremely strict import policies Outsourcing is the key
manufacturing advantage. Efficiency Effectiveness Development & Growth Eliminate outsourcing issues: Unemployment Environmental issue Quality control & copyright issue Globalisation Prof. Nguyen Cong Van, 1996,
A study of Vietnam's potential in outsource industry. Customer needs Competitive advantages Can you guess how many A380s AIRBUS can produce? 70%
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