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Jean Jacques Rousseau

By: Ale Bueno, Lucy Treviño, Nanis Campuzano and Santiago Lans

Alejandra Bueno

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Jean Jacques Rousseau

Facts About Him 1) Infancy (Birth-18 months)
2) Early Childhood (18 months-3 years)
3) Play Age (3-5 years)
4) School Age (6-12 years)
5) Adolescence (12-18 years)
6) Young Adulthood (18 to 25 years)
7) Middle Adulthood (35-65 years)
8) Late Adulthood (65+ years) Erickson's Stages Rousseau's Developmental Stages Jeopardy Jean Jacques Rousseau By: Ale Bueno, Nanis Campuzano, Lucy Treviño, Santiago Lans Jean Jacques Rousseau Rousseau's focused on the kids education while Erickson focused on life in general.
Erickson´s theory was more complex and described the stages in life all the way to death, Rousseau´s theory only went up to 25 years.
Thought different things happened in each stage.
Comparison To Erickson Infancy -Babies learn the difference between power and liberty
-the baby learns not to rely on others (Birth to 2 years) -In this stage the child develops the physical qualities and learns by experiences
-The child learns the consequences of his actions when they are not supported by "nature" Age of nature (2-12 years) Pre Adolescence (12-15 years) In this stage, people should have the mental faculties developed so they could deal with dangerous emotions of adolescence, religion and moral issues. (15-20 years) Adolescence Adulthood (20-25 years) -In adulthood, both men and women should be introduced to their ideal partner
-Men should know how to resist corrupting influences of society Rousseau thought that everyone was born good but the "evilness" of society was the one that corrupted us. Rousseau's 5 stages: 1) Infancy
2) Age of Nature
3) Pre-adolescence
4) Adolescence
5) Adulthood His Life Name: Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Occupation: Philosopher and songwriter
Birth date: June 28, 1712
Death: July 2, 1778
Born in: Geneva, Switzerland
Didn't believe in women rights and women having education. Rousseau was born in Geneva on June 28, 1712. After the death of her mother his older brother ran away from home when he was still a small child. In 1742 he went to Paris to become a musician and composer. He married Therese Levasseur in 1768, which later had an affair with Sophie d'Houdetot. In 1750 he published the Discourse on the Arts and Sciences, and late won the Academy’s prize. In this stage, adolescents need other people´s approval and their mental and physical strengths increase.
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