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Copy of The Cop With the Pink Pistol

By Grey Basnight

Maraki Russell

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of The Cop With the Pink Pistol

By Grey Basnight The Cop With the Pink Pistol Is Not your average NYPD cop. Detective Donna Prima She carries a pink pistol and doesn't like to follow the rules She meets Conner Anderson; a TV actor that plays a vampire. Conner soon turns out to be her civilian crime fighting partner. When she gets a case about a robbery... Detective Prima looks into the situation. They soon learn that Conner is right. There is definitely something weird going on in the bar. Conner informs the detective about strange things happening at the bar across the street from his apartment. An FBI agent from Washington D.C is requesting her assistance on a different case. The agent tells Donna that this case is top secret and he has orders from the highest authority. Meanwhile... Now Donna is working on three separate cases. the robbery at Conner Anderson's house, the mysterious activity at the bar, and a top secret case with the FBI. Now... While Detective Donna Prima was investigating the robbery at Conner's apartment, they hear gunshots. At the Bar... They soon learn that it is all a drug scheme. Garbage trucks were going to dumpsters near the bar and dumping their garbage, but taking the drugs left for them there into the truck. While the Detective and Conner are working on the case at the bar... While they are investigating this, Donna also gets a lead on the case with the FBI After almost being run over by a garbage truck and a couple of other things that threatened their lives. While Donna and Conner catch the drug dealers, Donna also catches the murderer with the FBI, After being shot at and almost attacked by a bear. She received a gift from the Mayor on the front steps of City hall. Because Donna solved the FBI case and the drug case voluntarily... She also managed to catch the guy who robbed Conner Anderson's appartment.
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