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Among The Betrayed by Chris Wilson

GCMS Language Arts

Chris Wilson

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Among The Betrayed by Chris Wilson

Finally Answer the following questions Setting Among The Betrayed Cell, Woods Characters Nina/Elodie
Population Police
The Aunts Your Review of the book What was your favorite part? - the beginning.
Who was your favorite character? - Nina because she is the main character
What was your least favorite part? - none
What would you change in the story? - nothing Plot Exposition - Concrete floor of the cell, Nina always have nightmares.
Rising Action - Nina doesn't know why she has to die.
Climax -
Falling action - What are some results of the problem or conflict?
Resolution - How does the story end? Examples of Literary Elements Metaphor - "and then suddenly the entire room was deathly quiet."
Aside - ''NO! you didn't catch them, you couldn't have.''
Genre - Fiction
1. What were some things that grabbed your attention in the story?
2. What is the author's message to the readers?
3. What new information did you learn from the story? I didn't learn any new information.
4. How does the title relate to the story? It relates because the main character gets betrayed. Address the following questions 1. What are the characters' strengths? Weaknesses? The main character Nina has no strengths she is weak with her emotion.
2. How does the main character change throughout the story? The main character wakes up from the dream.
3. How does the author show each character's feeling? The Author shows their feeling by expressing them end
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