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ALDP Interview

No description

dermot murphy

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of ALDP Interview

By Dermot Murphy
Senior Service Manager

There are three areas we should focus on
Key Stakeholders
Key Performance Indicators
October to December
January to June
July to December
In Summary
Support the SSDT to review and secure funding.
Agree 2015 budgets for service delivery
Review last quarter budget
Put in place diaried meetings for PMT and attendance at LTM
Help to complete first quarter returns for funders; furnish statistical reports.
Put in place work plans for PMT and review work plans for PW staff
Identify and implement quality assurance framework as necessary
Begin policy review
Complete JAR's with all staff and identify targets for future work plan
Bring findings of policy review to the SSDT for review
In conjunction with the SSDT complete mid year funding returns
Agree budgets for 2016 and with the SSDT look to secure funding for same
Get to know the SSDT
Get to know the Services
Get to know what is expected of us
How does my line manager work

How do my colleagues work

What are the expectations of the SSDT

Who works here

Who lives/ accesses us

What is the local culture

Who funds us and why (sla's)

What if any partnerships have we got

What do we say we will do (vision & mission)

Depaul trust Ireland
Staff & Volunteers
Local Community
Vincentian Family
At SSDT level
Support SSDT to secure funding for existing projects

With the SSDT identify areas of savings

With the SSDT identify and assess new areas of work and or funding

Identify potential Quality assurance framework

At PMT level
At local level
Ensure excellent communication between the PMT and SSDT

Ensure projects run in line with policy and services provided are effective

Ensure projects run to budget and identify were contingencies may be needed

Agree policy review dates
Ensure work plans and JAR's are in place

Ensure excellent data collection

Ensure all staff receive excellent supervision and development support

Ensure adequate data collection is in place in services

Last quarter budgets reviewed and signed off on (2014)

Funding secured for 2015

Proficient use of financial systems at local level
2015 budget reviewed and signed off. (this also includes and potential savings identified)
PMT level
Regular PMT meetings taking place

Clear defined work plans in place for each PM

High synergy within the PMT (includes problem solving and resource sharing)
Local level
Work plans are in place

JAR's completed and signed off

Up to date service data is available and easily accessible
If not already in place identify a CMS i.e. Salesforce/ ecass
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