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Pharmacy Process

VA Caribbean Pharmacy Fast Track Pharmacy Process

Axel Villacis

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of Pharmacy Process

Your healthcare provider will decide which medications you need to pick up today.
If your healthcare provider told you that you have medications to pick up in the pharmacy today...
Window Pick-Up
At the pharmacy we want to improve your satisfaction by decreasing your wait time.
don't take a number....
Wait for your name
to appear on the monitor.
In a rush?
To avoid waiting at the pharmacy for your medications in the future, be sure to request a refill by mail BEFORE you run out of your current supply.
Be sure to pick them up!

Refills are NOT sent automatically through the mail.
Request your next refill as soon as you receive your medication.
Always have
your ID ready
All other medications will be sent by mail.
Thank you for your
service to our country
Welcome to the VACHS Pharmacy Department
If your healthcare provider told you that all your medications will be sent through the mail, you may await your medications at home.
...Don't take a number
Three ways to request medication refills to be delivered by mail
Refill Slips
Drop your refill slips in the mailbox near the pharmacy
Or mail
them in an envelope
The medications your healthcare provider wants you to wait for today are important.
Automated system
How do I
My Medications?
Register Now!
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