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English Project

Anna Torrecillas

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Reflexology

Anna Torrecillas
Marta Ribas REFLEXOLOGY Reflexology, or zone therapy, is an alternative medicine involving the physical act of applying pressure to the feet, hands, or face with specific thumb moves and hand techniques. The meaning A typical treatment takes between 45 minutes and 60 minutes, and begins with a consultation about your health and lifestyle. The reflexologist will assess the feet and then stimulates various points to identify areas of tenderness or tension.
Then he uses brisk movements to warm the feet up. Then pressure is applied from the toes to the heel according to your comfort How does it works? Norway, 2007: 5.6% of population had used reflexology within the last 12 months Reflexology is one of the most used alternative therapies in Denmark. Denmark, 2005: 21.4% of population had used reflexology at some point in life. What does reflexology research show? · Reflexology reduces pain.
· Reflexology improves blood flow.
· Reflexology aids post-operative recovery.
· Reflexology benefits mental health.
· Reflexology eases pregnancy, delivery and post-partum effects.
· Reflexology complements cancer care. How does it begin? The origins reach back to ancient Egypt.
American physiotherapist, Eunice Ingham, developed reflexology zone in the 1930's.
Reflexology was introduced to the UK in the 1960's by Doreen Bayly. She met Ingham in the USA and studied with her before coming to Britain to practice and teach reflexology.
Reflexology has continued to grow in popularity and is now widely accepted as a safe and effective form of therapy. · Reflexology helps in curing the problems related to the body in a very natural way without any side effects.
· Reflexology can help in streamlining your body in such a way that if you encounter a problem later on in life.
· Reflexology could be cured the person without spending too much money on medicines.
· Reflexology treatment can do between two people of any sex and age – men, women, babies, children, young and old, anywhere and at any time.
· Reflexology works the best for old people who have many allergies or side effects. Benefits
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