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Elizabeth Harris

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of ALDRICS PREZI

Issues of Federation
Australia in the late 1800's was very disorganized. Australia was a continent with 6 different colonies so travelling between each state was like immigration. Many people got annoyed about changing trains all the time because the tracks were different sizes and people got searched at the border of the states. If you didn't show the immigration master your immigration paper you won't be able to board the train. In Australia at the time people didn't get to vote for their leaders and laws. When they decided on federating they argued on which state should be the capital. Another issue was the bigger richer states (Melbourne, Sydney etc.) didn’t want to share money with smaller states and the smaller states (Tasmania) were afraid that they wouldn't get enough of a say they fought so much that New Zealand backed out of the idea of joining Australia and Western Australia didn't want to join either. In the end Aboriginal and Torres strait islanders weren't included in the new constitution and the Government made it harder for people that weren't European to immigrate to Australia.
Reasons to Federate
There was many Reasons for Australian Federation such as If Australia Federated it could have become bigger, stronger and richer nation, We could also have territories like the bigger countries and New Zealand might have wanted to join the country. If Australia Federated our Economy could do better. Later South Australia gave their women a right to vote, after that most colonies their people a right to vote. A new constitution was written up by the Queen, In 1899 all the colonies said yes except Western Australia but it didn't matter because, A new constitution was written up by the Queen. Western Australia agreed to join in 1900.
Henry Parkes
Henry Parkes (5 times premier of New South Wales) made a famous speech in the town of Tentafeild persuading the leaders to Federate. It didn't work because it wasn't a good time because the economy was doing bad
Edmund barton
Edmund Barton was proclaimed the first prime minister of Australia in Sydney Centennial Park in 1901this was a significant event in Australian History.
Alfred Deakin
Alfred Deakin (From new Generation) persuaded the colonies to try to Federate again but let the people vote this time soon later he became the second prime minister of Australia and one of the fathers of Federation.
By Aldric Thomas

Should we have federated ?
Yes federating was a good choice or Australia won't be like it is today.
Thanks for
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