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Renewable Energy

Market Impacts of Renewable Energy

Danny Way

on 14 January 2011

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Transcript of Renewable Energy

Electricity: The Balancing Act Energy Storage Traditional
Generation Power
Transportation Load Distributed
Generation Government Incentives Carbon Tax Feed In Tariffs Tax Incentives Non Dispatchable
Power Renewables Dispatchable Substations Storage Line Loss & Sag Control Measure Protect Record Stabalize Optimize Reliability Markets Line Costs Vs. Generation Alberta 2009: System Avg Loss Factor = 4.55% (3 TWH) Avg House = 9,000 - 12,000 KWH/Year
1,000,000,000 kwh = 1 twh
1 house = 12,000 kwh
3 twh = 250,000 houses Market Price = f(Sell Bids, Demand) Cant Bid! Reliability Require Curtailment Paid Market Price? FITs?
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