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Social Media & Writers

How writers can use Social Media to network, master their craft, and market their books.

Marion Jensen

on 6 October 2011

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Transcript of Social Media & Writers

Book Academy 2011 Marion Jensen Leveraging Social Media
Every Step of the Way 1940's - First Computers Invented 1972 - First Computers Networked 1973 - Internet became wildly popular... 1990 - World Wide Web Invented 1991 - World Wide Web became wildly popular... Web 1.0 Content
& More Content Easy Peasy Web 2.0 Too much content
How do we find anything useful?
We need a guide Del.icio.us
Twitter *
Facebook *
Blogs * Google So where does
that leave us? Tons of Content
You can easily find anything
We have direct access to our audience A Good Place So now the big question . . . Tons of Content
You can easily find anything
We have direct access to our audience A Good Place A Good Place How do we use Social Media
in our writing career? Three Keys
Know Your Medium
Know Your Audience
Content is KING Facebook

Medium: Closed, short messages, events, chat, e-mail
Audience: Closed --> Friends
Content: Broad topics, not just writing

Before: Friend other writers, follow published authors, share and collaborate
During: Share the good news, ask for advice from your network
After: Announce signings, give freebies, expand network, Twitter

Medium: Short messages around specific topics
Audience: Open --> other writers
Content: Useful content that people will want

Before: Find new writers (strangers), use hashtags
During: Announce good news, expand network, look for advice
After: Contests, RT, expand network Blogs

Medium: Longer posts (but not too long), share links, pictures, and thoughts
Audience: Open --> Audience will vary depending on topics.
Content: If it's broad you'll attract friends. If it's specific, you'll attract a larger crowd

Before: Build a readership, spread the word, pick a topic, collaborate
During: Announce good news. Look to build excitement
After: Generate excitement, build a community, give the inside scoop Forums

Medium: Short to long posts, community, interaction
Audience: Open --> Usually strangers at first
Content: Usually around specific topics.

Before: Find groups interested in mastering the craft, finding an agent/publisher
During: Find groups interested in marketing, promotion, etc. (can be same group)
After: Announce, give away freebies, interact http://www.squidoo.com/socialnetworkingforwriters Google +

Medium: Short-long messages
Audience: Adaptable. Open or closed --> other writers
Content: Variable

Before: Find new writers (strangers), Look for good content
During: Announce good news, expand network, look for advice
After: Contests, expand network
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