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Media Audiences

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Donagh Slevin

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Media Audiences

By Donagh Slevin, Rory O'Neill & Sarah Rooney How a Media Industry
identifies audiences for it's products! Classification of Audiences Classification of Audience by Culture Socio Economic Status
Lifestyle or Psychographics
Sexuality Classification by Age The age of the target audience is important because some kinds of product can only be shown to or bought by certain age groups. The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) puts an age category on all films (shown in the cinema and bought on DVD) that are available in the UK. Today’s media industries operate in a global marketplace. Newspapers, magazines, radio and television programmes from all over the world are readily available to people living in the UK.
Media producers will also try and sell their products to audiences all over the world. There is also a growing production base in the UK for media producers that target different cultures and ethnic groups. Classification of audience by Geodemographics The study of where people live. This is important for producers and advertisers to know when producing media products for a local or regional audience.
Knowing the profile of the local and regional population and understanding the issues that impact on that community can help a local newspaper and regional station provide the right content to appeal to their target audience. Classification of audience by Sexuality Knowing the sexuality of your audience can be very important when creating your media product. A recent survey showed that 95% of respondents said they were heterosexual, 1% gay or lesbian, 0.5% bisexual, 0.5% other, and the remaining 3% either did not know or did not answer. If you home in on a particular group with a small percentage, this is called niche marketing. Whilst the mainstream media may not use research on sexuality to their advantage, some media products exploit this market. Classification of Audience by Psychographics The term 'Physcographics' is defined as information about a person’s lifestyle, attitudes and/or opinions. If a media product uses this kind of research it enables the media producers to determine alot of different elements surrounding the development of their product. For example, if we know a persons occupation is an accountant, this suggests they are interested in reading about the stock market. Knowing how much disposable income a target audience has is also a huge factor that effects the success of your product. Classification of Audience by Gender Many media products are targeted at either male or female. Most clearly seen within the magazine market. Comparing newspapers April 2011 - March 2012 Amount of Readers TOTAL ABC1 C2DE 15-44 45+ 3178 1239 1939 1307 1871 Men: 1741
Women: 1455 The Daily Mirror always being bought by the people from the Working Class Background C2 - skilled working class skilled
D - working class
E - those at lowest level of subsistence Price: 45p Methods to get information about an audience method 1 Focus groups method 2 Questionnaires method 3 audience measure panels (ABC NRS) Sections male 325
female 212 The Independent June 11 July 2012 Social class ABC1 435
C2DE 102 Age Bracket 15-44 282
45+ 255 As I do not read the independent from the figures I must deduces that most articles are of interest of the middle class as there is little to no difference between 45+ & 15-44 I believe the majority of readers are around the 40 mark although men hold the majority readers form the figures above I must deduces that the independent are more for high class business types than any gender pacific audience. Total Readers 537 price £1.20 news sports property ARTS & ENTS travel money life
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