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Story Analysis of 'After Twenty Years' by O.Henry

No description

Malcolm Martis

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of Story Analysis of 'After Twenty Years' by O.Henry

The plain clothes officer
Jimmy Wells

It that takes place outside the doorway of a closed Hardware store in New York at 10 pm. It is on a city block that houses business that close early hours.
This O.Henry story is an implied theme. He is trying to tell us that people change over time and won't remain the same person they once were.
By O.Henry
Analysis of 'After Twenty Years'
Honest and responsible
Man of Integrity
Confident but humble
'Silky' Bob
The plainclothes officer,
not given a name in this
story, is sent to trick the
criminal known by the
Chicago police as "Silky"
Bob by pretending that
he is Jimmy Wells.
Point of View
After Twenty Years is narrated in third person limited because only Jimmy's thoughts are being revealed.
Man vs. Self
Does he arrest his best friend, a man who was like a brother to him in their youth? Or does he let him go? The man came 1000 miles just to see him, and now he is going to arrest him? He resolves the conflict by having a plain clothes officer arrest him.
Rising Action
Falling Action
The characters 'Jimmy Wells' and 'Bob' are introduced in the dark street of New York on a windy night at 10:00 pm.
Bob’s tension increases as he waits for Jimmy.
Bob explains his situation to the policeman who walks away.
The plain clothes officer acting as Jimmy greets Bob.
Bob and the officer walk in front of the lights of a drug store
Bob realizes that the person he is walking with is not Jimmy.
The officer tells Bob that he is under arrest.
He then hands him a note.
Bob reads the note and realizes that the policeman he spoke to earlier was in fact his old friend Jimmy.
Rising Action
Falling Action
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