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The Water Cycle

You will find out what the water cycle is in a simple way with this prezi.

Ben Rawlings

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of The Water Cycle

First, it either rains, snows or sleets. Sleet is kind of like water crossed between snow, hail and water. This is called precipitation. It is the first stage of the water cycle.
The Water Cycle
Every drop of rain, or water from any other place, even the water you drink, eventually ends up back in the water cycle.
So what is the water cycle? Let's find out.
Firstly, before we start what do you know about water??
Where do you think it comes from??
How do you think water goes from muddy water to clean drinking water??
Next the water goes into lakes or rivers,
which is called the surface runoff.
It can also go into the ocean.

In the next step we will talk about the groundwater.
If the water doesn't run into rivers or lakes, then it will soak into the soil.
All the water will run along the groundwater storage, basically like a storage area underground for water.

If the water gets to a tree, some of it will soak up in the roots, but that goes into another stage, so we won't talk about it now.
This stage is evaporation. Evaporation is where all those water droplets that came down during stage one all rise up again into the sky.
This isn't the only way this happens though, let's take a look at the other way.
It is called evapotranspiration.
Remember the water that soaked up in the roots of the trees, well they have gone up to the top of the tree, to the leaves now.
This water is now basically coming out of the leaves and evaporating, or rising into the sky.
When the water evaporates, it turns from a liquid to a gas, called water vapour. Because it is a gas, you can't see it.

After that the water vapour becomes a cloud.
The clouds fill up with more water vapour and then they get too heavy to hold any more water, so it precipitates, which is either rain, snow or sleet.

Then the water cycle begins all over again.

1.What have you learned.
2. Do you have any questions.
What have you learned in this lesson?

Is there any questions you have?

Now let's move on.
What comes first in the
water cycle

Well nether it is in a cycle which means that it just keeps on going round.
2. When the clouds get heavy how many different ways can it fall.
4 rain, snow, sleet and hail
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