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Mayor of "The City of Ember"

No description

Isabela Barra

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Mayor of "The City of Ember"

Paunchy and Potbellied Mayor of "The City of Ember"
About the Inflated and Jelly Belly Mayor
As we read the book we discovered that the you are selfish, greedy and only thinks about food. You have peaches, sardines and other stuff that are not in Ember anymore and instead of sharing.

Who does that? Right?

As we proceed in the book we discover more about your evil personality and the things you could in prove in being a Mayor.

Respect and responsibility

as in
. Another thing we learned is that, the Mayor is the
and that he he is a static character (he does not change throughout the story. He is still the mean, chubby, selfish Mayor that he was before.

What is responsability?
Someone that can take care of something. Turn in you homework in the right time...

In The City of Ember:
The mayor gives a speech and in the speech he tells lies, that he would find a solution for Ember. He actually only found a solution for himself and not for Ember.
"Slooshns!" he bellowed. "Arbingfoun!"(p. 87)

What you should have done:
You should have been sincere and kept your promise.
You should have done the world test-- what if everyone did that how would the world look like. Would you want people to lie to you? No! So why did you do it!
What is trustworthiness?
Trustworthiness is someone that you can trust. Someone worthy of yor trust.


"Facing Doon was a great blob of a person whose head was flopped backward" (p. 156)

Why you weren't trustworthy?
Mr. Mayor, you were NOT trustworthy! You kept a storage full of food and resources, that there wasn't anymore in The City Of Ember. And also all those resources was just for yourself.

What you should do in the future

You should have done the Publicity Test -- You did this in secret, could you have done it in public? If the answer is no, you should NOT do it!
You should have done the Golden Rule Test -- Would you want people to keep resources from you? No? Then don't do it!

A Picture Of The Chubby, Selfish and unloyal Mayor
What is respect?
Respect is that you should treat others the way you want to be treated...

Of The City of Ember;
In the assignment day (which is when the jobs are selected) You Mr. Mayor rudely shouted at Doon in front of everyone. You embarassed him in front of the whole class. Why did you do that? Was that an ethical choice?

"Silence," cried the Mayor. (p.13)

What you could do instead:
You could politely have asked Doon to be quiet because it was not his turn to speak instead of yelling at him.
Before you did that you should think about the golden rule-- treat others the way you want to be treated. Would you want someone to rudly screan at you. No! Right! So why did you do that? Okay he was talking but couldn't you be more polite!
Dynamic and Static characters
1)Who is a static character in the book?

One of

the static characters is the mayor, because the major is everything bad in the whole world he is selfish, means and most of all greedy and he was mean since the beginning of the book and know he is still mean!.
2) Who is dynamic character?
One of the dynamic characters is Lina because Lina at the beginning she was kind of sad and well she was not that happy and know she is really curious and happy that finally she is going to find a way out of Ember.

The End
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