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Catelyn J

No description

Catelyn Josephson

on 9 November 2016

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Transcript of Catelyn J

Catelyn J
My favorite season
is winter.
Winter is my favorite season because i love the snow,getting to wear hoodies all the time,and being able to do things with my family I can't do in the summer.
My favorite number is 12
I love to read.
some of my favorite things.
My pets
I have two dogs and one cat
Some of my least favorite things
Some of my least favorite things are.... Annoying people,bullies,tight spaces,the color pink,and loud people.
About Me
When I was little my parents would read to me all the time and that's probably why I love reading so much.

Some of my favorite things include my phone,writing,reading,photography,my pets, my family and friends ,computers,the color black,music, and bands.
when I'm not doing homework I like to do gymnastics. Most of the stuff I know how to do I taught myself and I took a class for a few months.
These are only some of my favorite bands
My future plans
When I'm older I want to go into either photography or computer science.
My playful puppy
My family
live with my sister,mom,dad,two dogs,and my one cat
One of my favorite youtubers
One of my favorite youtubers are Brent Rivera.
I've beendoing gymnastics sence i was 4
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